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10 Great Reasons to Use eBay Thank You Emails

September 11, 2019

There are plenty of good reasons why you should send thank you emails to your eBay buyers, let’s start out by looking at the top 10 reasons why you should use eBay thank you emails.

Reason #1: Ensure your buyer’s satisfaction.

One of the biggest concerns for every eBay seller is guaranteeing your buyers' satisfaction. Your buyers' satisfaction directly impacts your feedback score and we are all aware of the impact your feedback score has on your eBay success. But by sending your buyers an email after they completed their purchase, letting your buyers know that they can contact you with any question, you can improve your communication with the buyer and help in guaranteeing your buyers' satisfaction.

Reason #2: Provide important information.

It’s quite common that a buyer will miss important information that you provide in the description of a listing. This could be information regarding your shipping or return policy or any other info that is important for you that your buyers see.  A thank you email can be a great way to deliver this information to the buyer and make sure that there are no misunderstandings/mixups.

Reason #3: Cross-sell

A thank you email can be a great opportunity to cross sell other items that you offer on eBay. This will allow you to recommend to your buyers other related items, get them interested in your other items and help you stimulate repeat sales.

Reason #4: Advertise a sale/discount

A thank you email is also a great way to advertise a sale or discount that you are running in your store, even attaching a coupon that can be used in their next purchase. This way you can encourage buyers to purchase from you again and bring in more repeat sales from first-time buyers.

Reason #5: Customer retention

Your best customers are buyers that already purchased from you once, that’s why you should make sure you make the utmost from the relationship you have with your existing customers. A thank you email is a great starting point for that, helping you build a stronger relationship with your customers and helping you retain your existing customers.

Reason #6: Proven success

The best news is that thank you emails have been proven to deliver amazing results, with a 42% email open rate and 14% click rate. This means that if you send a thank you email featuring your other items on eBay at least 1 buyer out of 10 will go to eBay to check out one of your other items. This way you can fully utilize the selling power of these emails and use them as a cross selling tool.

Reason #7: A Great remarketing tool

It can be quite hard to find your target market, especially when you’re selling a very specific type of items on eBay. But by sending thank you emails to your buyers you will get a chance to remarket your other items to your existing buyers, buyers that you already know are interested in what you have to offer. Thus, making your eBay thank you emails also highly effective as a remarketing tool.

Reason #8: Purchase confirmation

Letting your buyers know that their purchase was successful is the most elementary aspect of thank you emails. A thank you email is a great way to reduce your buyers post-purchase anxiety,  put their mind at ease and let them know that you are processing their order.

Reason #9: Word of mouth marketing

Sending out a thank you email can be a great way to get your buyers to share their purchase with friends and recommend your eBay store to others, allowing you to easily stimulate word of mouth marketing.

Reason #10: Get “Likes” & followers

Another great reason for using eBay thank you emails is that you can use the emails to gain more “likes” and followers by inviting your buyers to join you on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. This way helping you build your Twitter & Facebook “fanbase” and increasing your social media presence.

There at least 10 good reasons to using thank you emails, reasons that any seller, big or small, can relate to. So now the only question is what is the best way to send eBay thank you emails?

There are 3 aspects that you should focus on when considering sending thank you emails:

  1. Timeliness- It’s important that the emails will be sent right after the purchase and without delay.
  2. Professional design - It’s important that your emails will be designed, branded with your own logo & header delivering a professional image.
  3. Personalized - It’s important that your emails will be automated, but they also should be personal. So make sure you add your own personal tone so that your email doesn't seem like just another post-purchase email.

The ultimate eBay solution that will provide you with all that and more - is our “Thank You Emails” solution.

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Have any questions? Want to leave us feedback? feel free to leave a comment here below!Sincerely,- Tzipi.

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