InkFrog is a listing manager for eBay that also connects and syncs Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce inventory.
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July 16, 2021

InkFrog is a unique one-page listing software that includes eBay templates, image hosting, cross-promotion automation, and bulk editing. Additionally, their catalog auto-suggest helps sellers match products with eBay’s catalog. InkFrog also offers an inventory and listing synchronisation across additional marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

About Inkfrog

InkFrog was founded in 1999 by a couple in Washington State. They created a humble forum for eBay sellers from their own home to help eBay sellers communicate with each other. By 2016, they’ve learned that the biggest time-consumer for sellers was listing management and thus, inkForg was created with inventory management across several marketplaces as its main emphasis. 

3Dsellers also recognized listing management as the major concern for eBay sellers by 2010 (when the company first started developing apps for the eBay app store), as well as generating positive feedback. Both companies worked tirelessly to offer solutions that sellers need in order to increase business efficiency while saving time on manual tasks. 

InkFrog Features Breakdown

Since InkFrog’s software focuses on listing management, one of its main features is the listing software. It automatically pre-fills your eBay listings and adopts eBay’s item specifics to ensure they’re seen by Cassini. To further save time on your listings, their software makes sure your business policies, such as return, shipping, and payment are updated across all listings to ensure consistency and credibility. Sellers can choose to add comprehensive icons that represent these policies as a “skimmable” and visually pleasant solution. In fact, 3Dsellers templates also include this policy update synchronization to help create perfect eBay listings

inkfrog listing scheduling
InkFrog listing scheduling

Another great feature inkFrog offers is listing scheduling so sellers can publish their listings at the most optimal shopping hours. If you know when your buyers are most likely to shop online, it’s very useful to publish a listing during these peak hours so it appears on top of search results. To save time, all listings’ editing can also be done in bulk to update their descriptions, prices, cross-promotions, and more. You can choose to bulk edit all listings together or by pre-designed groups. 

Integrated Customer Communication with eBay Messages 

Like 3Dsellers eBay helpdesk software, inkFrog also created a customer communication tool that allows you to send and receive your eBay messages directly from your account. This simplified eBay messaging system that includes threaded messages, showing communication and order history is a great way to offer valuable customer service and your customers will thank you for that with a positive rating. 

inkfrog messages
InkFrogs auto messages

In addition, you can send automated emails to buyers with complete order information. inkFrog sends 2 of these emails while 3Dsellers eBay email marketing software gives you complete customization freedom over these emails as well as optional cross-promotion opportunity (of similar items from the same catalog, add-ons to the particular purchase, etc) that increases your chances of repeat sales.   

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