Crazylister is a listing software for eBay and Amazon sellers.
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July 16, 2021

Crazylister is a listing software for eBay and Amazon sellers that is trusted by over 100,000 sellers. It offers over 200+ eBay templates and like 3Dsellers, they’re mobile responsive, compliant and easy-to-use. Crazylister’s templates are based on drag and drop editor that doesn’t require coding skills.

About Crazylister

Crazylister was founded in 2015 in Tel Aviv and received total funding of $600K. Since then, this company developed into a leading eBay listing software used by over 100,000 retailers. 3Dsellers is Crazylister’s top competitor in the market, however, they’re product differs in user experience. While Crazylister offers a drag and drop editor for listings, 3Dsellers provides eBay templates with a customizable design sets that can be added/removed, making sure your design can never be compromised. Both softwares offer listing designs that help online retailers look professional with branded listings and thus, increase sales. 

Crazylister’s Listing Templates

If you’re an eBay and/or Amazon seller, your product listings are the face of your company that create the first impression for your buyers. Your credibility and professionalism can be reflected within each item listing, whether it’s with the listings’ responsivity on mobile devices or clear to understand policy disclaimers - professionally designed templates ensure trust in buyers and increases sales.   

crazylister ebay templates
Crazylister's mobile responsive listings

However, besides the visual appeal of Crazylister’s listing templates, they also offer an easily comprehensible user experience that saves time and increases efficiency. eBay templates management in bulk, being one of them, significantly simplifies the listing process allowing sellers to adjust, edit, revise, and publish new listings with variations, item specifics, and cross-selling options across multiple accounts. 

3Dsellers and Crazylister are both very powerful solutions for eBay sellers and integrate with multiple other eCommerce softwares, such as Ecomdash, Kyozou, Codisto, Sellbrite, and ChannelAdvisor

Crazylister Pricing

Crazylister’s pricing varies based on the number of active listings a seller has across all accounts. If you have less then 500 listings, the price for the starter plan will be $40/mo or $32/mo billed annually, however, this plan offers access to 1 account. The “Growing” plan costs $60/mo or $48/mo billed annually and allows up to 3 connected accounts. If you need to connect more accounts, your price will be customized with one of their support managers. 

Additionally, Crazylister offers 3 optional add-ons for all their plans. For $25/mo you can add an inventory sync tool. Removal of their branded footer and image background costs $5/mo each. 

Crazylister has a 7-day free trial available with no credit card required. 

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