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September 11, 2019

Want an eBay listing designer created by the BEST eCommerce designers out there?

We made it possible for your eBay listings to look their best with our powerful listing template designer and eBay seller tools. No coding, no design experience required from your side - with 3Dsellers templates, your listing will always look its best.

We are delighted to introduce Anton Egorov & Igor Bybel - experts in eCommerce store design, graphic design branding, infographics and many other talents. They've worked with major eCommerce companies and online retail stores proving their competence and experience in the field.

With their help, 3Dsellers provides listing designs that bring your sales!

Delivering clear and precise messages through design, we evoke emotions that bring results!  I strive for quality of experience in all my projects. Our listing templates are not only easy to use for sellers, they inspire buyers to connect with them.

You no longer need to worry about presenting your items in a professional manner. Your listings are created by designers with a strong, valid eCommerce background and they know exactly how to present your listings in ways that attract shoppers.

Their expertise combined with our eBay experience brings you the most powerful listing designer tool available.

Trust and transparency are the key aspects we strive to provide our eBay listing templates. Our sellers not only present themselves as professionals but they communicate the key aspects of their listings in a reliable manner.

How do we do it?

Since 2012, we've been trusted by our customers and we value our communication.

Through feedback and analytics, we were able to determine listing aspects that convert into sales. We've worked hard brainstorming possible features that eBay sellers will benefit from and together with our designers found ways to combine the most effective ones.

Graphic design is art with a purpose. Our purpose is to boost sales for our customers.

Our research shows that a beautiful, cohesive eBay listing design templates can increase eBay sales to up to 300% so it was a no-brainer for us to invest in professional design for 3Dsellers listing templates.

Nowadays, big companies are also present on eBay and it is hard to compete with them. Due to the budget possibilities, they are able to hire teams to manage their eBay listings and stores. We believe everyone should have an option to stand out.

We want to give all sellers an opportunity to create a brand and sell with confidence. Try it out right now, for free!


Here's how your listing could look like, with 3Dsellers listing templates:

Our templates can triple your sales with effective cross-promotion categories embedded into each design. Play around with it and customize your favorite templates as you wish, without ever worrying to compromise the layout. Apply it to all your listings in bulk and increase your sales by as much as 300%.

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