The best things to sell on eBay in 2022

May 10, 2022

eBay is a great marketplace to get started if you want to get your online store up and running quickly with minimal work.

There are 187 million buyers and over 20 million eBay sellers (31% of eBay sellers are based in the United States) on the eBay marketplace globally. The simplicity and ease-of-use of eBay make it an ideal platform for people just starting out in the retail industry. 

However, there are more than 1 billion listings on eBay, which means the competition is fierce. It is important to sell top items on eBay in 2022. In this guide, you'll understand how to conduct product research and the 10 top selling items on eBay in 2022

10 Top Selling Items on eBay in 2022

According to the ZIK Analytics guide on what to sell on eBay in 2022, the following are top ten products to sell on eBay, along with the statistics that back up their high-performing sales rate.

#1 Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the most popular item to sell on eBay. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have a sizable market on eBay. Some consumers prioritize practicality over aesthetics, while others place a premium on design.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 5,008%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 5008

Success Rate: 90%

Average Product Price: $73.81

Sales Earnings: $465,789

#2 Screen Protectors

Mobile accessories categories have always been a top selling product category on eBay.  Tempered glass screen protectors are one of eBay's most popular cell phones accessories.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 65,631%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 65,631

Success Rate: 93%

Average Product Price: $6.3

Sales Earnings: $288,380

#3 Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers with long battery life and great quality are top selling products on eBay

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 65,631%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 65,631

Success Rate: 93%

Average Product Price: $6.3

Sales Earnings: $288,380

#4 Hoodies

eBay is a fantastic site to sell clothes in general. On eBay, you may make money by selling both used and new hoodies. Thrift stores and garage sales are fantastic places to look for bargains. Puma and Adidas, two top selling brands sell fast.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 10,099%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 10,099

Success Rate: 78%

Average Product Price: $24.28

Sales Earnings: $225,522

#5 USB Cables

Selling USB cords on eBay is a surefire way to get money. Year after year, they are in high demand. In general, USB Type-C cables make more money than other varieties.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 35,866%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 35866

Success Rate: 90%

Average Product Price: $5.57

Sales Earnings: $177,632

#6 Dumbells

Dumbbells come in at number six on the list of the most popular sporting goods items to sell. Selling Dumbbells is an inexpensive method to get into the profitable fitness market.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 1668%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 1668

Success Rate: 74%

Average Product Price: $76.34

Sales Earnings: $105,561

#7 Reading Glasses

Prescription glasses are expensive, so many people turn to eBay to find bargains. If you have a well-known brand, style, or design, you'll make money. You can buy them at an estate sale and resell them on your eBay store for a profit.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 7665

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 7,665

Success Rate: 70%

Average Product Price: $10.75

Sales Earnings: $88,009

#8 Necklaces

At number 8, we have Necklaces. They sell very quickly on eBay, and you can make a lot of money selling them. They are best selling items in the beauty categories.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 13432

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 13432

Success Rate: 92%

Average Product Price: $8.68

Sales Earnings: $84,658

#9 Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone chargers are very popular because of their simplicity and flexibility. They are becoming increasingly popular as more phone models become compatible with wireless charging. Wireless phone chargers are sold at a low per-unit cost, but they provide a good return in the long run

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 3,310%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 3,310

Success Rate: 78%

Average Product Price: $13.38

Sales Earnings: $36,542

#10 Portable Projectors

Portable projectors come in at number ten. For both work and entertainment, a lightweight and functional portable projector is ideal. Photos, films, apps, and video games may all be projected with a portable projectors.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 967%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 967

Success Rate: 42%

Average Product Price: $51.39

Sales Earnings: $42,216.

How to Conduct Product Research on eBay

Google Trends

Using Google Trends, you can see over time which products are most sought after on the internet. Finding the best selling products in your niche can be as simple as using filters such as area, month, year, and category. Product trends and peaks in demand can be discovered with this technique.

ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics can help you determine the viability of your niche as well as product ideas. The tool helps you find the unique selling opportunities by analyzing the product's success rate. This helps you to make data-driven decisions when choosing products to sell on eBay.

ZIK Analytic tool uncovers the best-selling items in any niche, together with selling patterns and product statistics. The dashboard reveals statistics such as: sell-through rates, active listings, sales revenue, average sales price, sold products, successful listing percentage for individual product listings.

The two most important metrics; the sell-through rate and successful listings in the previous 30 days, will assist you determine the product's demand, degree of competition, and prospects of selling.

Based on this data you can tell if you've identified an excellent product with a high demand, high success rate, and little competition or not.

ZIK Analytical tool also allows you to evaluate the highest-ranking listings to discover their selling strategies in terms of pricing, keywords, descriptions, photos, and so on. With this, you can understand what's working for your competitors and incorporate them in your selling strategy.

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eBay's market is expanding rapidly right now. As a result, online sellers need to stay up with the current trends in their respective markets in order to maintain high levels of competitiveness with market research.

Manual product research can be time-consuming and exhausting. However, the ZIK Analytic Product research tool saves you time and effort by assisting you in finding the best items that have high-profit margins and are in high demand. 


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