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What Each eBay Star Color Means and How to Get a Better Star Rating

July 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered what each of the stars next to a seller's eBay feedback score means? Or, if you are a new eBay seller, are you wondering why you don't have a star yet and how to get one?

No need to worry! Whether you want to improve your star rating level or don't have a star yet, this article will discuss what each star means and how to earn your first star.  

Having a better understanding of eBay's star ratings

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eBay's stars are a way to inform shoppers about a seller's reputation. Each star level varies in color and occasionally includes "speed lines" (a shooting star). 

A star rating shown on eBay represents how much feedback a seller has received while also tallying the seller's Feedback score. Here's how eBay typically calculates the number of feedbacks for a star's feedback score:

  • +1 point for each positive rating
  • No points for each neutral rating
  • -1 point for each negative rating

How to get my first eBay star rating

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To get your first star on eBay, you'll need to receive at least ten positive feedbacks (without any negative reviews). You will then receive a yellow star from eBay. As you acquire more positive feedback, you will see your star change to different colors and styles. 

Earning positive feedback is very important. To get a lot of positive feedback, you'll need to provide buyers with the best shopping experience possible. You can do this with excellent customer support, selling quality products, and following through on your eBay items' shipping preferences and business policies. 

List of eBay Stars

See how many points (positive feedback score) eBay sellers need for each eBay star color:



Number of ratings

Yellow Star


10 to 49

Blue Star


50 to 99

Turquoise Star


100 to 499

Purple Star


500 to 999

Red Star


1,000 to 4,999

Green Star


5,000 to 9,999

Yellow Shooting Star

Yellow shooting star

10,000 to 24,999

Turquoise Shooting Star

Turquoise shooting star

25,000 to 49,999

Purple Shooting Star

Purple shooting star

50,000 to 99,999

Red Shooting Star

Red shooting star

100,000 to 499,999

Green Shooting Star

Green shooting star

500,000 to 999,999

Silver Shooting Star

Silver shooting star

1,000,000 or more

Table and stars from ebay.com/...seller-ratings

eBay Star colors - Why are they important?

eBay's star ratings build your eBay reputation and give you a competitive edge against your competitors. Because star ratings show shoppers that you consistently deliver top-quality products and excellent service, they are more likely to buy from you than other sellers.

Shoppers that are familiar with eBay stars will always be impressed by a shooting star. But even if the shopper doesn't know what the eBay stars mean, they can click on your star to see a breakdown of recent feedback. So to build confidence in potential customers, positive eBay feedback is essential.

Proven ways to help improve your eBay Positive Feedback Star Rating level

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New to selling on eBay?

If you're taking the first steps of selling on eBay, invest your time writing detailed listing descriptions with as much information as possible. Be sure that you accurately describe the item and include clear pictures of your products. Respond to any questions buyers or shoppers might have as quickly as possible and ship sold items fast!

Experienced or budding seller?

If you're a seasoned eBay seller, you may be familiar with some of the best practices on this list; nevertheless, let's have a quick refresher on things you can do to get more positive feedback: 

  • Sell quality products; this is by far the most critical part.
  • Ensure all listing information accurately describes the item. 
  • Take time to make product images stand out.
  • Price items reasonably (without cutting into profit)
  • Provide outstanding customer service with friendly, helpful, accurate replies. 
  • Be honest and upfront with your customers (e.g., let them know about shipping delays in advance).
  • Reply to negative feedback and ask how you can make it right.
  • Remind your buyers to leave feedback.

While this may seem like a lot to keep up with, the eBay selling tools on the 3Dsellers platform can either do these for you automatically, or make doing them a lot easier (and faster).

Let's have a look at how 3Dsellers can help with each of these best practices to get a higher eBay star rating:

Sell quality products and publish professional listings.

While it's no surprise that good products are vital to making eBay sales, 3Dsellers eBay Listing Designer allows you to professionally display products to match your brand, adding to the buyer's shopping experience and product quality. ‍

Not to mention, if you have a supplier who provides you CSVs of inventory and new items, you can use the CSV Upload feature to import products, giving you the time to focus on quality, not quantity. 

Ensure all listing information accurately describes the item. 

Accurately describing a product and sales process is not only how you gain trust with the buyer, but it protects your eBay account from negative, false feedback. 

For example, let's say a buyer claims in a negative feedback message that they did not like the shipping time for the sale (and you shipped it on time). 

But the listing contains information about possible delayed shipping due to your carrier. The notice about delayed shipping gives you the power to contact eBay and ask to remove the feedback. 

With 3Dsellers Listing Designer, you can add a "policies" section to display this information in listings. You can even create different design templates and bulk-apply (or automatically apply) them by eBay category.

Not to mention, features like "Find and Replace" allow you to update listing descriptions in bulk, and the SEO feature allows you to customize the eBay Mobile Description. (And these are just some of the 3Dsellers features that give you control of your listing details)

Make product images stand out.

Use 3Dsellers Image Editor to polish up your listing images, or even use the Listings Manager to add a watermark to your eBay product images. 

Price items reasonably.

Updating prices to keep up with competitor pricing and trying new profit margins is a very time-consuming task. However, you can save hours with 3Dsellers by filtering and selecting items in bulk and adjusting prices by a percentage, seamlessly adapting the prices that still fit within your margins.

Provide outstanding customer service.

Not only does 3Dsellers have an eBay helpdesk (that transforms eBay messages into support tickets), tools such as Auto Messages and Shipping Tracker automatically thank buyers and provide them with order and shipping updates. 

These tools create an unmatched system of automated service tools and an eBay CRM inbox to manage customer service, cases, and even orders. 

Be honest and upfront.

A typical example of when you can make a good impression by being upfront with buyers is letting them know if the shipping carrier delayed a delivery. 

People don't just order items; they order an experience. And the arrival date is almost always part of that experience. 

But no seller has the time to keep track of delayed shipping and send messages to every buyer. So 3Dsellers has Shipping Tracker to track orders directly from the carrier. It sends automatic messages to buyers for specific shipping events (such as delayed shipping) and can even send alerts to you and your team.

Reply to negative feedback.

It is best practice and excellent service to send the buyer an eBay message when receiving negative feedback and ask them what you can do to fix the issue. 

Many negative feedbacks are left so that the buyer can feel heard about their complaint. If you show that you heard them, it can make a big difference and help convince the buyer to change the feedback.

With Auto Messages, you can reply to negative feedback instantly (and even add a delay for a personal touch). Then, couple that with Feedback Reminder's feedback alerts, and you will always be aware and on top of your negative feedback resolution.

Remind buyers to leave feedback.

Sending friendly reminders to buyers to leave feedback may seem like a genius and straightforward idea. Yet, sending each buyer a message on your own at the right time would require way more time than it's worth. 

Luckily, 3Dsellers' Feedback Reminder can send reminders for you at the perfect time automatically, even while you sleep. This tool has been improving feedback scores for over a decade. 


In all, improving a star rating requires paying attention to the little things in your interactions with customers to provide them with an outstanding experience. 

Follow these good selling practices daily to harvest your high eBay star rating. And, of course, you can always speed up the process with help from 3Dsellers eBay selling tools.

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