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Top 6 eBay Analytics and Product Research Tools

Dina Taitelbaum
January 7, 2020

Anyone interested in making money on eBay needs to understand what to sell and how to keep up with the ever-changing eCommerce market demand. One of the ways to do that is doing your own manual research on eBay, make lots of notes, and rely on your gut. However, that’s not a recommended strategy, even for a new online seller. 

Spending time wisely saves money and figuring out what to sell with a professional eBay product research tool will help you with both! In addition, it’ll help you maintain your selling streak and grow your sales with ongoing eBay analytics.

What is an eBay product research tool? 

Just as it sounds, eBay product research tool helps you find which items and product categories buyers are currently looking for and are profitable to sell. However, some of these tools do more than that. Here’s a list of other features eBay analytics and product research tools may include: 

  • Determining shipping costs
  • Best SEO keywords suggestions
  • Competition monitoring
  • Benchmarking your listings against similar products
  • Prices comparisons
  • Estimated profit
  • Real-time statistics and updates

Here’s our list of top 6 eBay analytics and product research tools:


Putler dashboard

Putler is a multichannel analytics and insights tool for eBay. It provides in-depth reports on Products, Customers, Sales, Orders and Website Visitors. Along with reports and analytics, Putler also provides marketing features like forecasting, infinite segmentation, multistore reporting, goal tracking, insights, website analytics, performance comparisons, custom filters and a lot more.

eBay sellers often face a limitation when it comes to analyzing historic data. Using Putler, you can overcome this limitation. Putler helps store data for more than 90 days. So unlinke native eBay analytics, you can easily get reports/ export CSV for historic data without any 90 day limitation using Putler.

Another key benefit of using Putler for your eBay analytics is that, suppose you have more than one eBay store, you can connect all your eBay stores within Putler and view consolidated as well as individual reports from each of your store in one place.Not just eBay, you can connect 17+ services into Putler and get a clear picture of all your business data. Since Putler aggregates data from multiple places and provides you a true picture of your business, you can take critical decisions with confidence.

Price: You can try all these features with Putler’s free trial for 14 days and then decide if you wish to use Putler for your store's analytics needs. Plans start at $20/month.



algopix ebay analytics dashboard in laptop

Algopix is a great product research tool, especially if you’re selling on several marketplaces. However, even if you are selling only on eBay it is still useful to know what sells on other marketplaces too. This software monitors 17 marketplaces! It will help you with product identifiers, shipping costs, and other expenses breakdown, market average prices for individual and bulk items. It’s definitely a good choice for sellers who want to make better selling decisions. 

Price: Algopix offers an unlimited plan on a monthly or annual bases costing $34.99 and $27.99 accordingly. In addition, they offer a real-time data subscription at a custom price.



terapeak product research dashboard in laptop

TeraPeak is an excellent eBay product research tool that was actually acquired by eBay in early 2018 and is now a part of the Seller Hub. It allows sellers to understand what to sell, when to sell it and which price to sell it at by analyzing the supply, demand, and pricing data in the market. Besides eBay, it uses data from 22 other large marketplaces over the past three years. This eBay analytics tool also composes sales predictions and product identifiers from top competitors.

Price: TeraPeak is available at a starting price of $12.99/month with an annual plan or $19.99/month with no commitment. 



shelftrend ebay analytics dashboard in laptop

ShelfTrend uses inventory and product listings from thousands of product categories around the world to help sellers identify what sells, what keywords to use, best selling categories and, of course, competition analysis. It will notify you of marketplaces trend movements and benchmark your products against look-alikes. ShelfTrends interface responsive and very easy to use, providing an easily comprehensive analysis of the received data.

Price: ShelfTrend has a free plan of limited features or premium plan for $14.99/month with no subscription commitment. 


Zik Analytics

zik analytics product research price comparison in laptop

ZIK Analytics is a well-established eBay market research tool that helps sellers find the best items to sell on eBay and shows them how to sell their items fast by ranking them high in the search results. 

Included with ZIK are many different tools that use the power of analytics data to find the best products, niches, categories and title keywords.

ZIK has been running since 2016 and is used by over 4,000 eBay sellers, wholesalers, resellers, dropshippers and brand-owners. All members get access to the ZIK Academy packed with 100’s of hours of educational content to learn how to sell online.

Price: ZIK Analytics Starter Plan is $25/month on an annual basis or $29.99/month for a monthly subscription. A 7 day trial is available for $1.



datalaps screenshop of product research

DataLabs is a free alternative of an eBay product research tool in real-time on an hourly basis. Sellers can filter search results by “Trending Now”, “What It’s Worth”, and “Best Sellers” by sold and viewed listings within a chosen timeline. In addition, it’s possible to view products by categories and keyword searches. 

Price: Free!


Here it is! Our top 6 eBay analytics and product research tools for online sellers. We strive to help sellers make the best decisions when it comes to their online business. Give these tools a try and see which one suits you best. 

As for marketing and management tools for eBay sellers, take a look at our product tour to further excel your customer service, seller rating, simplify your listing experience and more. We’re a leading eBay selling manager with over a dozen eBay tools to help sellers succeed.

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