Top 3 eBay Title Builders (Free) - How to Create SEO eBay Listing Titles

July 14, 2021

One of the most crucial challenges when selling online is driving more traffic to your eBay listings by achieving a high search rank on eBay.

To lead more people to your products with eBay search, you'll need to optimize your eBay listing titles with great eBay SEO keywords. Choosing the best eBay-title phrases and SEO keywords are significant steps you can take to market your products with eBay search results.

Essential Rules to Creating an SEO-Optimized eBay Title:

  • Use 75-80 characters.
  • Use MPN, UPC, or other important Item Specifics.
  • Capitalize the first letter of nouns and adjectives.
  • Do not use special characters ( - + , ~).
  • Do not capitalize full words.
  • Do not repeat words.
  • Do not use spam keywords.
  • Only use words that directly describe the product.

As you can see, building an eBay item title is a time-consuming task that could take hours of eBay keyword research. Luckily, online eBay item title builders can provide you the best title suggestions for eBay items without spending any extra time.

The Three Best eBay Title Builders:

To help our fellow sellers succeed, we've provided the three best free eBay title builders available online to ensure you have the best title for your items without ever having to spend needless effort on this task again. So let's get down to 'eBay' business.

1 - 3Dsellers eBay Title Builder

free ebay title builder from 3Dsellers

Your eBay buyers need to know what the item is before ever clicking on the search result.

How do you provide the info to do that? You do it by using essential item details in your eBay title (precisely what 3Dsellers' eBay Title Builder does automatically).

Using 3Dsellers' Title Builder, the only thing you'll need to do is enter 2 - 4 keywords that describe your listing. Then, a title suggestion for eBay is generated using the best eBay keywords based on marketplace trends. You can also get specific with your settings by choosing the eBay site (eBay US, UK, AU, etc.), price range, and other listing details.

Not to mention a preview of the top 10 best-selling eBay products with the eBay SEO keywords are displayed below your title suggestion. Alongside the top items, you can also view the most vital and highly ranked eBay keywords proven to attract buyers through eBay search results. This feature even filters the keyword and product results by the eBay site and price settings we mentioned earlier.

free ebay title SEO keyword research lookup from 3Dsellers

Every day, 3Dsellers Title Builder helps thousands of worldwide eBay sellers grow their online business with the best title suggestions for eBay, making it, without doubt, the best choice for an eBay item title builder available online.

2 - Title Builder

free ebay title builder

The Title Builder can be a time-saver if you need to create fast, quality eBay item titles for your listings. It is easy to use, only requiring you to enter a few SEO keywords that describe your item.

After creating a suggestion for an eBay title, the website will also display their best-rated eBay SEO keywords with a color-coded bar that shows the competitiveness of the eBay title keyword.

You can even analyze the most searched terms from a single eBay country/site -and receive a suggestion for the best eBay categories to list your eBay item in.

3 - Fire Title

eBay title SEO keyword lookup and research generator

Although it works differently from the previous eBay title builders, Fire Title is an excellent eBay title keyword generator.

You can search for a product title to generate a list of related keywords in the order of the most searched to the least. Then, you can use the keywords that Fire Title generates to build your product's title on your own.


Get ahead and be aware of your competition. Keeping up with new digital trends is essential to success.

Excellent eBay SEO titles are powerful game-changers for your online business, landing more organic traffic to your eBay Store to grow your eBay sales. Using an eBay item title builder speeds up this process dramatically while enhancing your eBay SEO titles.

In all, a great tool like 3Dsellers Title Builder can truly help you make the difference in getting your products seen by thousands of buyers.

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