New! SEO friendly Webstore for eBay listings

October 8, 2018

Now, You Can Drive Traffic with an eBay Webstore

Today, we’re happy to announce a new addition to 3Dsellers platform that allows eBay sellers create a beautiful storefront for their listings. Webstore drives additional traffic to listings and increases sales by being fully optimized for modern search engines, like Google.  However, one of the main advantages of having your own storefront lays in exclusivity. Upon sending your customers to your Webstore instead of eBay, you’re exposing them ONLY to your own listings. You eliminate the chance of losing potential customers to promoted listings of others while keeping them within your items.

So what is a Webstore and what does it do?

An eBay Webstore is a fully synced storefront for eBay listings. It looks like an eCommerce site with an option to customize branded content. All you have to do to create it, is sync it to your eBay inventory once and it will only feature active listings from then on. Not only does this create an additional exposure to your eBay listings, it does not require any management time to maintain it. Additional features that makes Webstore a great tool for eBay sellers include the following:

- SEO optimization

- URL customization

- Full compatibility with eBay's content policy

- Storefront template design options

SEO-friendly Webstore = Traffic = Sales

It’s true that not all online shoppers are loyal to eBay when it comes to purchasing items so having an SEO-friendly storefront can increase the amount of potential customers. Upon googling a product of interest, a shopper has more chances of landing on your Webstore with the product’s listing.

Set up your own URL

To fully personalise your Webstore and showcase your inventory to loyal customers easily, we’ve opened an option for you to register your own URL. Read this simple user manual to learn how to do that. Having your own Webstore URL has many benefits, amongst which is brand awareness. If you’re an eBay business on a rise, having a personalised URL storefront allows your buyers to cross reference your available items, follow newest listings and get the best offers. In addition, you can easily create a social following of new and existing customers through your Webstore’s engagement links (social, eBay, contact info, etc).

Active content-free

What makes 3Dsellers Webstore unique from any other website domains is its full compatibility with eBay. As you probably know, eBay releases content policy changes which can affect sellers using 3rd party listing software or storefronts. Having incompatible or outdated solutions can significantly hurt your eBay business and decrease your listings visibility. With our solutions, you don’t have to worry about compatibility or policy changes from eBay because we’re always up-to-date. This means, your content is always visible, optimized and accessible on all devices.

It's available as a single-app subscription

In the past 6 years, Webstore has been available as a part of Open Apps program by eBay as a stand alone app and we’ve received great feedback which allowed us to develop features that bring real results to eBay sellers. 3Dsellers being the biggest app provider for eBay Apps Center included the solutions with most demand into our all-in-one platform and today, Webstore joins the platform! Hundreds of users have thanked us for an opportunity to showcase their eBay listings to their potential customers without distractions from eBay and for many, this is a main benefit of a Webstore. Due to the recent closure of eBay Open Apps program, Webstore will no longer be available in the Apps Center and can only be subscribed to directly on 3Dsellers platform as a part of a Pro Bundle or as a single app subscription (best deal)!Finally, this solution is available to all eBay sellers regardless if you have an eBay store or not. Your storefront is created with your active listings on eBay and once clicked, automatically redirects your customers to the appropriate eBay listing to complete the purchase there. It’s safe, quick and requires no management from your end.What to check what your storefront will look like? Go to 3dsellers.com/webstore and type in your eBay ID. You will automatically get a sneak-peak of your potential Webstore!

Have questions about the Webstore? Drop a comment below or email us direction on [email protected]


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