eBay Listing Template Customization

Discover 3Dsellers' New Drag & Drop Listing Template Customization

April 14, 2024

Listing templates are an incredibly powerful tool for eBay sellers, which is why we're happy to announce two exciting new updates here at 3Dsellers. Firstly, we've launched five professional new listing templates for everything from car parts to diamond jewelry to shoes, so you can showcase your items in the most professional way, no matter what you're selling. But our most exciting update is the new drag-and-drop or Webflow-based listing template customization features, which enables sellers with all levels of technical know-how to make each one of our listing templates uniquely their own!

New Template Drop!

Our ever-expanding library of eBay listing templates just got a little bigger with five new and exciting options for you to choose from. If you're selling car parts on eBay Motors, fine jewelry, tech and gadgets, or fashion items, our new template drop has something for you!

Top Car Parts

For eBay sellers with an eBay Motors store for car parts, this sleek listing template is a perfect choice for listing various auto parts on eBay. Regardless of what auto parts you're selling, this template is the perfect way to showcase all manner of car parts.

Modern Tech

Perfect for sellers who sell phones, cables, laptops, and anything in between. Showcase your items in this modern and minimalist tech-centered listing template, complete with a similar items section for easy upselling!

Luxury Diamond Store (Light)

For sellers selling jewelry and/or precious stones, this elegant template now comes in in a light theme. Showcase your pieces in with this elegant and understated template and let your stunning luxury jewelry do the talking.

Jewelry Boutique

Another stunning template for sellers specializing in all kinds of jewelry, this template is a great way to ensure that the items you're listing are presented in an elegant and professional way. Let your jewelry collection shine with this beautiful listing template!

Shoe Boutique

For sellers selling all kinds of footwear, this classically themed template gives your collection ample room to shine. With its understated style and elegant color scheme, this template is perfect for showcasing your selection of shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots, and more!

On-Platform Template Editing

Listing templates are great, but what's even better is using them as a starting point to make your very own customized template for your specific selling and brand aesthetic needs. For sellers with relatively limited technical knowhow (because let's face it, we don't all know how to code our own beautiful custom templates from scratch), we've launched a simple and intuitive drag and drop template editor. Simply choose your template and click "customize" to start making changes. Editing is done directly through 3Dsellers on a native editing interface, so you don't need any fancy programs. Move elements around with intuitive drag and drop gestures, adjust colors, change fonts, and resize to your heart's content. With a simple WYSIWYG editor that enables you to see exactly how your template will look with each change you make, this tool is the simplest way to make our listing templates your own!

Webflow-based Template Editing

For the more tech-savvy seller who's looking to further customize their eBay listing templates, we've integrated a Webflow editor into our listing template editing tools. Get more customization and make our listing templates truly one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours with Webflow!

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