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eBay Seller Common Concerns & How to Settle Them with 3Dsellers

September 11, 2019

No Pain All GainRemedies for Success

You're a business owner.If you sell on eBay, you know this, and if you don’t, you need to think of yourself in this way.  As any successful business owner will tell you, the key to running a successful business is customer service. If you’ve read any entrepreneurial or business books, you would have come across the concept of “minimizing the pain”.Generally, this speaks to the customer experience; creating a smooth and seamless journey from browsing to delivery; but what about you, the seller, and your pain?  What about those “nuisance” customers who forget to put information, skip on feedback or worse yet, become unnecessarily abusive or aren’t customers at all but just out to con you? As much as you exist to service the customer, and rightly so, there’s no harm in getting rid of your “pain” simultaneously!We’ve put together a list of some of your top common concerns as an eBay business owner and some 3-dimensional solutions, with tools from all sides, to help you minimize the pain for both you and your customers, with little effort.Let’s help you get rid of your pain first! The 3Dsellers doctor is in and wants to help you rid yourself of that human-generated (not computer-generated) virus more commonly known as scammers."How do I protect myself from scammers?"Scammers or con artists are opportunists. They seek out sellers who could have missed something and they see as an easy target. But sometimes even seasoned sellers fall prey to scams. This comes with the territory of being a business owner, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.It’s important to check the buyer’s profile and track record and do some research of your own. It’s also valuable to track all communications in case one has to present proof to eBay should a problem arise. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you appear and operate professionally. The way to do this is to bulletproof your policies. Take a look at other sellers’ policies online or even some well know e-tailers for some ideas. Next, make sure they are in line with eBay’s own policies and familiarize yourself with eBay’s Seller Protection policy. Once you are satisfied with your policy, make sure to copy that same policy across to every single one of your products in each listing. We have made this as painless as possible for you with our 3DSellers Listing Designer tool.

Above: 3Dsellers Listing Designer - Policies section on one of our design templates

Now that your listings and policies are bulletproof, you would expect the buyer to have the same amount of attention to detail to ensure a smooth delivery right? Wrong!

"What if my buyer leaves out their shipping address or other information missing?"

Buyers often leave out information and cause extra and unnecessary back and forth communication, which is painful to both parties. Sometimes this is unavoidable and there’s little you can do to prevent it, but communication can be done in the least abrupt and intrusive way using tools such as the 3DSellers Feedback Reminder or 3DSellers ThankYou Emails.  Both of these features allow you to communicate any missing information or verify any queries ensuring a smoother product journey to the customer. The Feedback Reminder is the only tool that sends messages via eBay’s messaging system, ensuring integrated and reliable communication with message deliverability and high open rate.You and your customer are communicating effortlessly, but some things are out of your control…such as some buyers’ personalities. Your customer becomes unbearable, you’re experiencing headaches, sleepless nights and cold sweats. Eventually, it comes to a point where you ask yourself...

"How do I block a buyer?"

3Dsellers services only go so far and do not extend to matters of psychology, but, we can offer a solution to block an unreasonable or abusive buyer. Be certain that you do not want this customer and there is no potential future to do business with them. Assess the situation as much as you can and once you’ve made the decision and you’re sure it’s the best thing for your business, you can use the 3Dsellers Smart Blacklisting tool, which is part of the 3Dsellers Feedback Reminder. This tool ensures you do not send feedback request to buyers who cancel or refund their order (a new feature) as well as allowing you to add certain buyers manually. You’ve done it! You’ve managed to eliminate your pain with the help of some simple pain management tools. But like any good physician, a business booms with referrals. So now, how do you get yours?

"How do I ask for customer feedback without feeling like I'm bombarding the customer?"

You’ve delivered great online customer service, so you have a right to ask for feedback – what are you afraid of, right? It’s all about the way you communicate.  The Smart Feedback Reminder helps you do just that, using eBay’s messaging system. It is one of our most popular features because it allows you to tailor it to your business and shows instant results!  Improve your feedback score by making use of this fully customizable online messaging tool, which you can automate to send requests at the most convenient times. This is one of the most important steps in your business and is essential to a thriving turnover.  This is the final examination and your results matter. If you have come this far as painlessly as possible, your ratings will determine a healthy and functioning enterprise.Ideally this should be the end of your buyer’s journey, but sometimes, the dreaded “R” word rears its head... cue sound effects…dun dun dunReturns!

"How do I avoid Customer returns?"

The truth is, you can’t entirely. It’s also important to remember that customers are more likely to buy from you if you have an easy and friendly returns policy, so in essence, it is unavoidable and is the nature of the business. However, there are a number of things you can do to help avoid or minimize returns, for example, create a listing with the most accurate information. The 3Dsellers Listing Designer helps you do just that. Take a look at our blog post "selling made easy", for some tips.Minimizing returns is also about building a trusting relationship between you and the customer. Research shows that a customer is less likely to return items bought online from sellers with which they have built a relationship, as they have come to trust the quality and product type, as well as built a personal rapport.  3Dsellers Listing Design makes sure that the return policies are accessible and readily available for the customer to see which further builds on trust with the customer. Communication is key, whether it is visual communication utilized by the design of your template and product details, or whether it is direct communication with the customer. Use features like 3Dsellers ThankYou Emails to avoid misunderstanding and build a trusting relationship. Not only can this help minimize returns, but it can also increase the rate of repeat customers. Now it’s time for some self-diagnosis. What can you do to enhance the customer experience, while minimizing both customer pains as well as your own? Use these simple prescriptions, best practises and 3Dsellers remedies in the table below to refine your customer service and pre-treat any potential pains while taking your business to the next level:

Let us know if these tips were helpful or if you would enjoy a blog post with any elaboration.Please write your suggestions in the comments section below.


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