Increase eBay Sales With Professional Thank You Emails

Build customer loyalty and drive return sales with an automatic email marketing software

Eye Catching Email Templates

Engage your buyers with attractive emails created by the industry's top designers.

Customize email templates to match your brand and products.

Provide a professional messaging service to boost your sales and relationships with your clients.

Increasing customer loyalty and repeat business with timely updates and a lasting impressions.

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Automated and Advanced Cross-Promotion

Showcase your products with each ThankYou email

Set up a relevant cross-promotion by showing items featured by category, purchase history, specific keywords and more!

Choose the number of products to show and learn what works best for your buyers.

For hard sales, you can choose the same items to be showcased on all emails.

Learn more about the ThankYou Emails' features.

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Grab ’em by the ears!

Build a following of engaged buyers

Go beyond customer care and offer an easy way to connect with you on other channels.

Let your customers know where to follow you on social media so they can stay up-to-date with your most recent listings and discounts.

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Choose Occasion, Language, & Which Items to Send For

Create smart sending preferences to reach your customers with relevant messages and updates.

Have the power to choose to send a message when an item ships, if you get feedback, or after a purchase.

Get advanced and create rules to send for specific categories, items and more.

Provide exceptional service by customizing the language int the message you send based on the buyer's country.

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Send Emails or eBay Messages

Take your pick on how you want to serve your customers.

You can use eBay messages for a familiar outreach with plain ol' text, or you can spice things up and send an HTML with links, cross-promotions and pictures.

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Blacklist Buyers from Receiving Emails

Automatically add buyers to a blacklist if they return or cancel an order so they won't receive your emails anymore.

You can also choose to add buyers manually.

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