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SKU Generator

Create SKU numbers for multiple items, export your SKUs to an Excel file, and label your inventory with easy-to-read SKUcodes!

SKU Format (Sperator Mask):

Below are several ways to include item details in SKUs, each with different separators. Every string of letters is an abbreviation for one item detail. The separators (symbols) in between them make reading the item detail abbreviations easier. Choose the separator mask that works best.


Customize separators:

Create a custom SKU format by changing the separators.Enter the same field abbreviations (Name, Brnd, Att1, and so on), with custom separators.Accepted separators are:

Max Charachers:

Choose the maximum number of charachers that each item detail abbreviation should include. For example, if the brand is NIKE, and the maximum is 3, the brand will be shortened to "NIK"

Uniform SKU options:

Sometimes it can be easier to read the SKU if certain changes are made to all of the text. Use these options to customize how the letters in the item detail abbreviations are displayed.

Item Details

Enter details that directly describe the item. The value entered will replace the abbreviations in the separator mask.Note: If a value is left blank, it will not be used in the SKU.

Generated SKU Item Name Brand Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attribute 4

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 About The SKU Generator:

The 3Dsellers, free SKU Generator creates SKU codes based on a product's name and attributes, with the ability to customize the SKU maker's separators and formats so you can choose how to create SKU numbers.

It is even a stock-keeping unit generator for Excel. It offers CSV export and doubles as an SKU number generator for Shopify, eBay, Brick-and-Mortar stores, or wherever you sell your goods!

When using the SKU maker, choose how to format your SKUcode, instructing the SKU Generator which separators to use between the abbreviations.

Then, enter product details for an item and click the "Generate" to have the SKU number generator add a generated SKU to a row in the table.

Enter more items to add more products. When finished, click the "Export" button to download the SKU code generator's table as a CSV file.


What is an SKU?

An SKU is a label for a single product. The acronym "SKU" stands for "Stock-Keeping-Unit." In other words, it is a 'unit' of identification to keep track of an item's stock.

How to create a SKU number?

A good SKU is a recognizable "shorthand code" that uses abbreviations of the product and its attributes. An SKU number example for a "Blue Baseball Glove made by Wilson" might be BBGL/WLSN-BLU.

The above SKUcode abbreviates the product name (BBGL), then brand (WLSN), and ends with an attribute (BLU). Different businesses use different separators, such as # $ ; . \ —for example, BBGL:WLSN/BLU

What are SKUs used for?

SKUs are used to track items and manage products and inventory in many situations, including restocking, purchase orders, inventory tracking, product identification, and analytics.

What kind of business needs SKUs?

eCommerce businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, and warehouse suppliers all use SKUs in a variety of situations. But, the SKU always has one core purpose: to identify the product.

 5 Key Ways SKUs Help Manage Inventory, Products, and Business:

SKUs are essential for providing smooth business operations:

1 - Track Inventory:
To help determine stock availability, many sellers and stores create a database (Excel/ Sheets workbook) of products and import sales reports of sold SKUs. If using software for this, the programming essentially does the same thing with the SKU behind the scenes.

2 - Replenish Inventory: Running out of an item? If you need to update your store's inventory, you can upload a CSV file (to most eCommerce systems) with an SKU and new inventory value. Not to mention, purchase orders to suppliers use SKUs to identify each product.

3 - Diversify Easily:
 Use SKUs to identify the original item of different products. For example, the product details of one listing in the USA are entirely different from the same item listed in the AU. Instead of tracking new titles and product info, you can label each product with the same SKU and know that both products are the same item.

4 - Analyze Product Performance: Track variants and product sales via SKUs to pinpoint the best-selling items in your store. Many merchants analyze their sales performance this way by logging totals in an Excel/Sheets workbook. This process also provides insight into underperforming items.Here are a few circumstances where an SKU provides smooth business operations:

5 - Identify Shrinkage: Damaged or missing items can occur anywhere along the supply chain. If something happens to one of your products, a solid SKU system allows you to manage the missing or damaged inventory quickly.

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