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3Dsellers Launches CRM Helpdesk to Improve eCommerce Sellers’ Business Performance

Added capabilities provide online merchants on and off eBay with more control over their customer relations management.

The 3Dsellers Launches an All-In-One Platform For eBay Sellers to Drive Business Growth

Today, 3Dsellers, the biggest app provider for eBay, announced its all-in-one platform launch. The company offers seven powerful tools under one solution. This unique solution paves the way for eBay sellers to develop and manage their online business effectively within a single dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple resources.  

One Hour Translation and 3Dsellers Announce Strategic Partnership in E-commerce Application Market to Provide Efficient Translation Services to E-commerce Platforms

With One Hour Translation’s dominance in translation services and 3Dsellers specializing in e-commerce platforms, the new partnership between the firms will position each as leaders in developing diverse translation applications for multiple E-commerce platforms including Ebay, Amazon and more.

3Dsellers Unveils Shipping Tracker To Automate Customer Shipping Updates

This latest 3Dsellers solution is supporting over 100 domestic and international shipping couriers and increases customer service by notifying buyers of any delivery updates, saving merchants time while increasing responsiveness and credibility of their business.