ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics is a powerful eCommerce-insights platform that is specifically designed to help
eBay, Shopify and Amazon sellers with their product research.

  • Uncover the hottest niches and products that will rank your store higher and increase your profits.
  • Spy on your competitors with our competitors research tool and track their selling strategies
  • Analyze eBay "best match" results to find high demand niches, profitable products and top competitors.
  • Stay on Top of eBay Trends with ZIK’s Market Insights Dashboard which keeps you informed about the latest trends on eBay.
  • Optimize your Listings for Maximum Traffic using keyword research tools to build titles that rank your products high and drive more sales to your eBay listing.

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We are currently partnering with other eCommerce companies to offer the best opportunities for our users. Want to integrate our 100% mobile responsive and active content compliant listings templates? Want to share valuable content to eBay sellers through Blog posts exchange? Have other partnership ideas? Send us an email today!

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