Transferring Your Store from InkFrog to 3Dsellers: A Quick How-To

Transferring your eBay store(s) to 3Dsellers is fast, easy, and safe, and once you’ve transferred, you’ll immediately see why 3Dsellers is a far more advanced tool for managing every aspect selling on eBay. Plus, with zero downtime for your eBay store, you won’t need to worry about losing out on sales while you migrate. Transferring takes just a few minutes of hands-on work, and the entire process can be completed in just four easy steps!

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Step 1: Sign up to 3Dsellers eBay selling manager
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Step 2: Connect your eBay account & import listings
Link your eBay account(s) through our intuitive and easy-to-use app.
Step 3: Migrate your eBay description template
Quickly and easily migrate your listing template with a single click.
Step 4: Send us your latest invoice and get $75 credit!
Send us your latest invoice from InkFrog and receive a $75 credit!
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Upgrade Your eBay Store to 3Dsellers with a Single Click!

After you’ve set up your free 3Dsellers account and linked your eBay store(s), you’ll be able to migrate all aspects of your eBay selling account into our user-friendly app with just a click – from your listing template to active listings and orders. Plus, as soon as you transfer your account, you’ll have access to a toolbox of advanced selling tools and automations that will help you upgrade your template, streamline your product listing process, and maximize sales.

3Dsellers eBay Listing Tool

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3Dsellers All-in-One eBay Lister
3Dsellers eBay Lister
What Makes 3Dsellers Better Than InkFrog?

3Dsellers is more than just an eBay lister; it is a comprehensive solution for managing your eBay selling accounts. Our app gives you so much more than a simple and easy way to list your products on eBay – with a variety of built-in automations that improve the way you manage your listings, orders, and sales, 3Dsellers helps you grow and develop your business.

The most advanced eBay listing tool on the market
Auto messages
Feedback automations
Offer automations
Order management
Helpdesk for eBay
Bulk actions
CSV import
Template designer
Image hosting
Profit calculator
Quantity manager
Advanced reports
Product videos
eBay motors
Digital goods
Multiple eBay accounts

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See What Online Sellers Say About 3Dsellers
Christy Kyrk
Mar 15, 2020
verfified review
Best Tool To Use For eBay Sellers

The 3Dsellers tool is the best tool to use as an eBay seller. It makes my listings look so much more professional that simple listings. The feature  are outstanding and easy to set up. The variety of professional templates is a lot of fun to use. I highly recommend this rewarding tool to any eBay Seller!!

Sweeney Motor Factors
Mar 15, 2020
verfified review
Don't know how I managed without this…

Don't know how I managed without this for so long, it's very easy to use, and integrating my second ebay account was simple. The way you can switch from ebay accounts is great! And the listing designer is excellent as well

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3Dsellers a verified third-party eBay partner?

We are delighted to say that we have worked closely with eBay for over a decade and hold their policies and approval as the first importance to our business model. Find us on eBay's official third-party provider page.

Which tools are included in a subscription?

All subscriptions include the following tools: Listings Manager, Orders Manager, Auto Messages, Digital Goods, Listing Designer (+ All Templates), Feedback Reminder, Report Center, Facebook Store, Webstore, PDF Catalog, Image Editor and Shipping Tracker.

What subscription plans do 3Dsellers offer?

Subscriptions are based on monthly sales volume and include three tiers (Starter, Professional, and Agency) to provide every seller the tools they need. Each plan includes unlimited listings, unlimited bulk edits, while differing by certain account usage. See our pricing page for more details.

How do I know if 3Dsellers' platform is right for me?

Whether you’re growing an eBay business, or need help consolidating your enterprise-level workday, 3Dsellers is how you excel.
By providing eBay tools that automate and simplify your workflow, customer service, and marketing, 3Dsellers’ full package of eBay apps and software bestows a comprehensive solution to maximize your business potential.

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