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AI Powered Amazon Repricing Software

Self-learning intelligent repricing, inspired by Game Theory principles.

Simply turn repricing “ON” and let the AI do all the work.


An Amazon Algorithmic Repricer That Thinks Like a Human Seller

Almost all repricing solutions on the market from ten dollars to thousands of dollars per month, advertize an Amazon repricing algorithm, over promising, yet often under delivering. As a matter of fact, almost any piece of code used to reprice on Amazon can be called an Amazon algorithmic repricer. Seller Snap designed an AI repricer to think like a real Amazon seller. Our Amazon repricing software is capable of detecting the behavior of a specific competitor and making tailored price adjustments to outsmart that competitor.

Selling on Amazon is a “game” with multiple players all trying to get their share. This will often cause aggressive price changes, destroying profit margins.

The Game Theory approach to repricing on Amazon is the only way to guarantee you are always optimally priced for profit, under the specific competitive circumstances for each product you sell.

Our AI powered Game Theory repricer detects competitor behavior and automatically applies the best strategy for the specific situation, maximizing profit while avoiding price wars.

Avoid Price Wars

Amazon’s extremely competitive landscape causes constant price wars for sellers competing for the Buy Box. For any competitive product sold on Amazon, sellers will most likely be using an Amazon repricing software to secure Buy Box share.

The popularity of rule-based repricers can very quickly trigger a “race to the bottom”, through sellers continuously under-cutting one another. If you chose to play by the same rules, you’ll likely end up sharing the Buy Box at your minimum price.

Seller Snap’s Game Theory Amazon algorithmic repricer will outsmart your competition, applying strategic price changes to gain Buy Box share at the highest possible price.

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