Use your eBay items to create and sync products on other sales channels such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBid.
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July 16, 2021

Sell on more channels

ExportYourStore allows eBay sellers to expand to other marketplaces without the need for manual publishing.

eBay listings sync behind the scenes while submitting all the data as per the marketplaces’ requirements.

It’s the easiest solution to create an omni-channel presence to grow your eCommerce business.

Sync all of your stores to eBay

Sync your eBay inventory with all your other connected marketplaces and keep eBay as the source.

Overselling prevention options: Quantity sync, Pricing, Sold items & Update item sync.



Cross-list eBay items
to multiple marketplaces

  • Manage eBay items as normal.

You don't need a management system as everything is done behind the scenes.

Choose listing manually or automatically (as dynamic key search listings,) and create your own syncing rules.


Expanding eCommerce business

  • Merchants who sell on more than one marketplace sell 75% more.

ExportYourStore works directly with Amazon, Shopify, and other marketplaces.

Most customers have ZERO prior experience selling on Amazon. They automate everything.

  • ExportYourStore is the only multi-channel eCommerce software that automatically exports eBay items to Amazon by creating new ASIN numbers.

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