Frooition VS 3Dsellers - Which is the Best Alternative Listing Software for eBay Sellers?

Both Frooition and 3Dsellers are famous for the listing and design tools they offer eBay merchants. But which one helps eBay sellers more? Which is best, and at what cost?
I know you’re a busy seller, so I’m not going to spend time with a big intro on Frooition and 3Dsellers 👍

I’ll just run you through this the same way I do for my own team and clients when researching/testing services.
We'll do a quick side-by side comparison of each platform. We'll focus on Frooition's features, and compare them directly to 3Dsellers.
Then you can decide if Frooition or 3Dsellers is a good choice or alternative software for your eBay business  

So, let’s say, to simplify this comparison, we are only really interested in:
Anything extra is a bonus (eg. emails/feedback boost/GTC automation - we'll cover everything)
Click and expand the title buttons below to continue this Frooition/3Dsellers presentation:

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Froo -VS- 3D:
Listing Designer & templates

Froo -VS- 3D:
Listing Software


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