eDesk VS 3Dsellers - Best eCommerce CRM for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more

As you may know, eDesk has become a semi-staple for eCommerce customer support.

Their multi-channel messaging inbox and features have helped many sellers and their teams provide quality service to their customers.

However, with the rising popularity of 3Dsellers’ Customer Service tool, eDesk’s competition is here. Swaths of sellers are moving from their eDesk home to the 3Dsellers platform.

Why are sellers switching to 3Dsellers? 

It’s not just better pricing, it’s because eCommerce sellers can and manage, market, and automate numerous other aspects of their business on 3Dsellers too.

Along with eDesk, sellers are choosing to switch from listing managers and other marketing tools to consolidate their team’s workflow in one convenient platform.

I’m going to make this comparison short and sweet. If you’re using eDesk, I know you’re a busy seller and want to respect your time.

eDesk Features VS 3Dsellers

First, let’s take a look at eDesk’s eCommerce support desk features and if 3Dsellers' Customer Service tool offers the same features:

(Last updated December 2020)



Inbox For All Your eCommerce Integrations
Filters & Custom Folders & Labels
Customer/Order Details
Snippets and Templates
Internal Notes and Mentions
Internal Ticket Tags
Assign Tickets to Teammates
Rules to Assign New Tickets
Feedback Reminders
Almost needless to say, 3Dsellers compares very well with eDesk’s capabilities, allowing you to continue eCommerce customer support without lacking the features you need.

Duplicate Listings (sell similar)

Auctiva eBay email marketing settings
To duplicate a listing on CrazyLister, you will need to select a listing and use a dedicated “Duplicate” button. You can also duplicate multiple listings with this method.
3Dsellers offers a quick duplicate listing button for every listing.

Not to mention, you can copy multiple items to your “Drafts” folder for easy edit and bulk publishing.
3Dsellers eBay automatic email sending events list

Import CSV

Auctiva eBay email marketing settings
Both platforms offer importing items via CSV with essentially the same method and format.

While CrazyLister uploads your listings to a “Catalog” to edit and publish, 3Dsellers uploads your items to a “Drafts” folder to bulk-edit and publish your listings.
Also, 3Dsellers provides a Google Sheet with a full explanation of each field and provides a “Category ID” search to make sure your CSV items are categorized correctly on eBay.
3Dsellers eBay automatic email sending events list

More on 3Dsellers

Now, let’s look at what you can do with 3Dsellers at a better price:
(Last updated December 2020)
  • Manage Orders
  • Facebook Store, Webstore, PDF catalog
  • Auto Messages (Amazon/eBay, more coming soon)
eBay Features: 
  • Dedicated eBay Resolution Center & Tickets
  • Listings Manager (bulk edit, import, and more)
  • eBay Listing Designer
  • Bulk Send and Automate Offers
  • Shipping Tracker (real-time tracking alerts & automatic buyer messaging)
  • Live Product Image Editor
  • Automatically End and Relist Fixed Price Listings


While eDesk has a standard pricing upwards of $45 per user, with the lowest pricing tier on 3Dsellers, you can add unlimited users (teammates) for about the same price as one user on eDesk.

Plus, 3Dsellers’ pricing is dynamic to your current sales, starting at half that price for the same support desk features AND most other tools. 3Dsellers’ pricing can lower your overhead dramatically, especially considering the other tools you can replace with 3Dsellers.

Overall, within this brief review, it’s clear to see why eCommerce sellers are leaving eDesk for more abilities on 3Dsellers.

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