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eBay Selling Limits - How to Increase, Avoid, and Check Monthly Limits

Aaron Fitch
April 6, 2023

Selling Limits are not the most invigorating eBay topic, but they are necessary to understand (and increase). So let’s unpack eBay Selling Limits with quick, to-the-point information.

Why Are There Selling Limits On eBay?

Every business grows at its own pace, so eBay implemented Selling Limits to help you grow sustainably and safely. 

Selling Limits restrict sales and total listed items for every seller, protecting against: 

  • Getting too many sales for a smaller merchant to process.
  • Risk of listing expensive items that the seller cannot deliver.
  • Publishing 1000’s of items that saturate search results with low-quality listings.

If you’re an established merchant, but new to eBay, don’t worry; your expertise and reputation will increase your selling limits fast. (more info on this below)

How Do eBay Selling Limits Work?

explaining how eBay selling limits work

Selling limits restrict:

  1. Total Item Quanity - Total of listed (and sold) stock quantities
  2. Total Sales Amount - Total value of possible (and current) sales

If you max-out the total inventory or sales value, eBay will

  • block new listings from publishing 
  • prevent adding stock to GTC (fixed-price) listings. 

Once a month, eBay Selling Limits are reset. Previous sales will no longer impact your Total Sales Amount.

Total Item Quantity & Sales Amount [Explained]

A new eBay seller account can publish

  • up to 10 items (based on the quantity of each listing)
  • or $500 in potential/past sales (based on the sale price of each item)

In practice, a new seller can have:

  • 10 items listed or sold (if 1 item sells, only 9 items can be listed)
  • $500 worth of inventory (if a $100 item sells, only $400 worth of items can be listed)

Pro Tip: eBay’s “number of items” limit is based on total quantities of each listing (not the number of listings). New sellers can max-out limits with only one GTC (fixed-price) listing that has a quantity of 10.

GTC (Good ‘Til Cancelled listings) & Monthly Listing Renewals

GTC listings will renew each month on the same day as the publish date. (e.g. listings published on June 3 will renew August 3). This means that active GTC listings will always impact selling limits.

In these cases, you may consider ending low-perfoming items to make room for more product. You can do this by filtering listings that aren’t selling, then ending them in bulk. (Pro Tip: You can use 3Dsellers eBay listing software to do this quickly, including with CSV files)

How To Check Selling Limits On eBay

ebay homepage > My eBay > Selling

Go to the Seller Hub Dashboard: 

  1. Hover over “My eBay”
  2. Click “Selling”
  3. Find the section called “Monthly limits.” (Don’t see this? Click “Customize” to reveal it)
ebay monthly limits on seller hub dashboard

Pro Tip: 3Dsellers merchants (and their virtual assistants) can view eBay Selling Limits on the 3Dsellers Dashboard at login. Free 7-day trial

How To Increase eBay Selling Limits

ebay monthly limits on 3dsellers dashboard
eBay Selling Limits displayed on 3Dsellers' Dashboard

To be eligible for a selling limit increase, your eBay seller account needs to meet a few requirements. But after these requirements are met, you are in a position for eBay to allow you higher seller limits.

Requirements to get higher eBay Selling Limits

  1. Fill Up Your Selling Limits - Only request a limit increase if you are continually maxing-out your inventory.
  2. Close All Returns, Cases, and Order Inquiries - Ensure you’ve resolved all cases and order inquiries. (No open cases in Resolution Center)
  3. Have a Good Seller Level - Your seller level must be at least “Above Standard.” 
  4. Remove Out Of Stock Listings -  End (or restock) all listings with zero quantity. Pro tip: Use 3Dsellers Listing Software to label or save the listings before you end them, allowing you to relist them in bulk later.
  5. Verified Payoneer Account - Ensure a Payoneer account is connected to eBay. (Login to Payoneer.com > Activity Tab > Store Manager > “Link to eBay Store”)

How To Increase Selling Limits with Your eBay Account

After some time of meeting these requirements with steady sales, eBay will automatically send you an eBay Message with a link to increase your selling limits.

If waiting for eBay to offer a limit increase isn’t an option, you can request to list more. Visit your Seller Hub Dashboard and click “Request to list more” under the Selling Limits section.

How To Directly Ask eBay For Higher Selling Limits

calling ebay to increase monthly selling limits

Talk to eBay directly and explain why you need higher selling limits if you are 

  • an established merchant but new to eBay, 
  • or have a special situation that requires a limit increase (without sales history).

Gather your business documents and prepare to introduce yourself as a new business partner. Ensure your elevator pitch is ready with 

  • who you are, 
  • what you sell, 
  • and how long you’ve been selling.

Click the “Help & Contact” button at the top left of eBay’s website. You’ll find options to contact eBay via Phone, Email, Chat. 

Contacting eBay via phone will typically work best and fastest for this occasion. Let them know why you need higher selling limits and how high you want them. 

Not Eligible To Increase eBay Seller Limits?

metaphorically breaking barriers to increase eBay monthly selling limits

Focus on generating more sales, then try increasing the selling limit again again.

If you are a new seller, maximize your sales across the 10 items by listing low-cost, trending products. 

Pro Tip: Use 3Dsellers’ eBay Listings Software to hide actual quantities (to keep a low quantity on each listing).

When you see a steady increase in sales, review the requirements above, then contact eBay again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are eBay Selling Limits For 2023?

New sellers can list (or sell) up to 10 items with up to $500 in sales each month. Higher limits are subject to eBay’s evaluation of a seller’s account.

Can I Request Higher eBay Seller Limits?

You can request higher selling limits on eBay on your Seller Hub Dashboard or by contacting eBay directly.

How Do I Get Around eBay Selling Limits?

Use 3Dsellers Listings Manager to hide your real inventory in a warehouse. This lets you keep a low quantity on eBay to avoid maxing out your seller limits. In addition, focus on more sales and good customer service to make you eligible for a limit increase.


eBay’s selling limits are needed to protect buyers, your business, and the shopping experience on eBay. Not being eligible is common if requesting higher selling limits through Seller Hub. But, eBay via phone can be very understanding if you explain the importance of why you need higher limits.

Ensure your account meets the requirements for a limit increase and make the most of your active listings to get as many sales as possible. Pro Tip: Use eBay listing design templates and SEO to boost listing performance.

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