What is an eBay IAF Token?

IAF Token
Oct 2, 2022

eBay "IAF Token" is a unique password that allows third-party software to connect to your eBay account. If token expires or stops working, the app that uses it will not work.

How long are eBay tokens active?

  1. eBay expires token automatically 18 months after the last time it was renewed.
  2. Software changes have been reported to disconnect tokens.

How to fix IAF Token Expired:

Option 1) Refresh token

To refresh your token with 3Dsellers, you can either:

Option 2) Manually remove the token and get a new one.

For iPhone: If having issues with the eBay Mobile App token, log out of the eBay App first. Once you complete the steps below, wait 10 min and log back into the eBay App.

1) Navigate to My eBay → Account → Site Preferences

2) Near the bottom of the page, click "Edit" next to "Third Party Authorizations"

3) Check the "Revoke this authorization" box next to 3Dsellers or other software and click apply.

5) Log in to 3Dsellers and/or other software and renew your tokens

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