How to Promote Your eBay Items With Pinterest

September 11, 2019

As an eBay seller Pinterest can be a very exciting platform for you to participate in and promote your eBay items with.

Pinterest is a lot like scrapbooking, you collect images of things you love, or that you are inspired by, or you wish you had – and you can organize them by different themes.

The images in Pinterest are called “pins” and the albums you organize the pins into are called “boards”. The action of adding an image, or video, is called pinning. When other Pinterest users add your pins to their boards that’s called repining.

10 Pinterest Stats You Should Know

  1. Pinterest has a reach of 25 million users!
  2. 80% of Pinterest users are women.
  3. The most popular categories on Pinterest are Fashion, Design and home decor.
  4. 81% of online buyers in the US say they trust information & advice on Pinterest.
  5. 47% of online buyers in the US made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.
  6. 16% of all sales from social media sites arrive from Pinterest.
  7. Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic.
  8. Buyers that arrive from Pinterest are 10% more likely to complete a purchase.
  9. An average order by a Pinterest referral is $169, more than x2 that of a Facebook or Twitter referral.
  10. 43% of Pinterest members use Pinterest to connect with retailers or brands that they like.

How to Promote Your eBay Items on Pinterest

Creating boards

Once you’ve signed up to Pinterest you can start creating your own boards.Try to cater to your target market and think of themes that your potential buyers will be interested in. Next, create boards for these themes using your own pins and pins by others.

Pin your itemsPin your best looking items onto the boards you created. These pins will show up when users search for these items on Pinterest.Repining

To make your boards interesting and varied repin pins by other users onto the boards you created.


Connect with other Pinterest users by “Following” users that have similar interests. This is a great way to network and establish a circle of followers on pinterest.

How to Get Started:

1. Sign up to Pinterest. You can easily sign up with your Facebook account.


2. Next, choose a theme and create your 1st board!


3. Now pin one of your eBay items on to the board.


4. Your pin is now live and will show up in Pinterest searches!

  • Make sure you choose your best looking items & the best images, after all Pinterest is all about the visual experience.
  • Think what makes your items unique and based on that choose the themes for your boards, this way you can have one-of-a-kind boards that will really make your items stand out.

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