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A Quick Guide on Improving Your Amazon Product Ranking

Junel Ayala
February 18, 2022

All Amazon sellers look to build a successful business and generate profit. There are many ways to earn money from Amazon, and the most popular method is through Amazon FBA.  

Since the Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, Amazon FBA sellers try to outperform their competitors in the best way possible. One of the ways to achieve a competitive edge is by ranking products on the Amazon SERP, which increases product or brand visibility.

What is the Amazon SERP?

SERP stands for search engine result page. Like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm capable of ranking products on its SERP. The Amazon SERP is the page shoppers see when they have completed a product search on  

Ranking higher on Amazon's result page is crucial, especially since almost 50% of internet users typically start shopping for products on Amazon. Instead of utilizing Google for product search, users are now more accustomed to directly searching products on online retail stores like

Therefore, Amazon sellers need to rank their products higher on the search results page for increased engagement and conversion.


How Does Amazon Determine Which Product To Rank?

Before delving deeper, it is worth emphasizing that Amazon operates differently from Google when ranking items on their search engine result pages.

Google primarily ranks pages based on backlinks, content, site speed, and other relevant factors, whereas Amazon operates mainly with the help of the Amazon A10 algorithm. Simply put, the strategies you use to rank on Google will not work on Amazon.

The Amazon algorithm focuses mainly on the products listed on its platform. It does not care about social media engagement or backlinks, for it essentially evaluates the following ranking factors:

Query Relevancy

Like other eCommerce platforms, Amazon has a product detail page that sellers fill in when listing a product. The listing information mainly includes the title, description, and bullet points.

The algorithm ranks the product with the help of the listing information the seller provides. The algorithm evaluates the product information to check its relevance to the search queries.


Another relevant factor evaluated for product ranking is pricing. The algorithm can predict the conversation rate based on your product price.

It further interprets that a product has a low conversion rate since it is priced higher than the competitors. Hence, an overly priced item will not rank well on the Amazon SERP.

Customer Reviews

The Amazon algorithm highly favors listings with good reviews or feedback from customers. Since Amazon values customer service, it sees ratings as a sign that customers are happy with your service. Hence, increasing the chances of your listing being included on the Amazon SERP. Amazon intends to introduce buyers to high-performing sellers.  

Ways to Increase Conversion Rate to Rank Higher on Amazon

It has become apparent that conversion rates immensely influence the Amazon algorithm when evaluating and ranking a product listing. You can introduce some improvements in your listings to increase conversion rate and product ranking. Here are some of the things you should do:

Strive for More Customer Reviews

Customer reviews serve as reference points for Amazon shoppers. Apart from the information they see on your listing, feedback from previous customers also influences the behavior of other Amazon shoppers.

Thus, it is crucial to provide satisfactory service to obtain a favorable review. Alternatively, responding to customer reviews likewise increases shoppers' inclination to purchase your item. Statistical data shows that 89% of consumers are "highly or fairly" likely to transact with a business that responds to reviews.

Answer Queries of Amazon Shoppers

Shoppers who are likely to purchase an item are interested to know more about the product. To entice more shoppers, sellers need to respond to queries concerning the product.

Take time to answer these questions and clarify any confusion about your listing. Answering these questions, mundane as it may seem, can help increase your conversion rate.

Answering questions raised by shoppers allows you to dispel any doubts about the product while highlighting significant product features. Providing more information on your product can increase the likelihood of shoppers purchasing the item.

Offer a Competitive Price

The most effective way to improve your conversion rate is to win the Amazon Buy Box. One of the components considered by the Buy Box algorithm is the listing price.

You can increase your Buy Box win rate and pique shoppers' interest by offering a competitive price. Apart from reviews and answered questions, shoppers are also influenced by the item price. Hence, offering a competitive price is advantageous for your listing.

To achieve a competitive price effortlessly, you can use an AI Amazon repricer to adjust your listing price into a competitive price point automatically.

Improve Image Quality

Another way to increase conversion rate leading to higher product ranking is to improve the image quality of your listing. Since shoppers rely on images or videos to scrutinize the items, it is highly suggested to upload only high-quality photos.

Avoid using low-quality images for your listing, for they are ineffective, especially when shoppers zoom in to get a better look. Amazon's suggested pixel dimension is at least 1000 or larger in either width or height, with an sRGB or CMYK color mode.

Use Bullet Points

Using bullet points on your listing can help increase conversion because Amazon shoppers can quickly identify the product benefits. Highlighting the selling points of your product via bullets can help convince customers to purchase the product.

Use Relevant Keywords

The use of relevant keywords is critical in ranking your product on the Amazon SERP. When adding your listing title, insert relevant keywords since the algorithm correlates keywords appearing in the title with the search query terms.  

Apart from the title, you should also insert relevant keywords when adding a product description. Ensure that the description you will be giving is accurate to avoid disappointing shoppers when they receive their orders.

Add Backend Keywords

If you wish to increase your product's discoverability and its ranking on Amazon's search result page, you should add search terms for your products. 'Search Terms' are keywords you input on the product listing backend. It may contain synonyms of the item you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a camera, your search terms can contain synonymous terms such as "digital camera," "4K camera," or "portable camera." For your convenience, Amazon has provided some tips on how to manage backend keywords effectively:

  • Follow prescribed length limit
  • Use space to separate words
  • Include abbreviations and alternate names
  • Include spelling variations, no need for misspellings

Holistic Business Approach

Ranking your product higher on the Amazon search engine result page can drastically enhance the performance of your Amazon store. For your product to rank higher, you can follow the suggestions mentioned above.

However, it is worth noting that successfully managing your Amazon business extends beyond ranking your product on the Amazon SERP. You must implement a more holistic approach to determine which aspects of your business require more improvement besides product ranking.

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