Sync Multiple Listing Inventory Across eBay Accounts + Create Kits & Bundles from eBay Listings with Automatic Quantity

Aaron Fitch
June 16, 2022

Famous for bulk-eBay listing management, 3Dsellers includes automated inventory tools to unlock top-performing selling strategies. Alongside 3Dsellers’ ability to hide your actual inventory (more info later), you can: 

  • Sync inventory across multiple listings and eBay accounts: List the same item on eBay multiple times to diversify markets and test different listing methods. After a sale, quantities are automatically updated across every listing and eBay store.
  • Sell kits on eBay with auto-updating quantities: Make Bundle Listings from multiple products with automatic inventory adjustments after every sale.

These set-it-and-forget-it features can transform the way you market and sell your items. Especially if you use 3Dsellers’ Scheduled CSV inventory updates from a supplier URL. At this point, all eBay inventory for many sellers can be fully automated.

Let’s dig into the details of how Bundles and eBay SKU Inventory Sync work to transform your online sales.

SKU Stock Linking (Sync Inventory Across Listings and eBay Accounts)

As a bulk eBay seller, you likely know that eBay does not allow duplicate listings. But, in many cases, you can create different eBay listings for the same product. 

As long as each listing is distinctly unique in accordance with eBay’s duplicate listings policy, eBay is profiting on the listings and purchases, having no issue with you marketing items this way. 

But preventing overselling multi-listings, especially on different eBay accounts, proves near impossible without automation. Updating all the inventories manually after every sale consumes too many resources. 

So, with 3Dsellers, you can sync inventory across all your eBay accounts and between multiple listings using only SKUs. It’s as easy as using the same SKU (eBay custom label) for each listing or variation for the product. 

Then, add the SKU to your 3Dsellers’s eBay SKU Stock Linking database to manage your eBay inventories automatically. Add SKUs with quantities individually, or upload a CSV of SKUs and inventory values in bulk.

Bundles & Kits

Creating kits or bundles by grouping listings you already have is smart marketing. You can group similar listings that one would need for a particular task, project, job, etc. Then, sell them at a discount as a separate listing.

Kits are also great for creating gift bundles that make repeat eBay sales. You can include links to the individual items in your 3Dsellers automatic messaging. This way, you kindly let the buyer know that all the items in the gift basket can be bought separately. So, if the buyer enjoyed a particular item more than others, they have a fast way to purchase the product from you. 

However, managing inventory across all the listings in a kit after every sale is not easy. Proving even more difficult to update listings that require multiple quantities in one kit. Updating eBay bundle & kit inventory manually will most likely almost always result in overselling. 

That’s where we rescue your time management and prevent selling over your current inventory. Use 3Dsellers Inventory Management to group eBay listings into a kit vis SKUs. 

Then, 3Dsellers will automatically adjust inventories after every purchase, no matter how many (or which) listings are sold. 

Pro Tip: Inventory Control (Hide Real Inventory)

Built into eBay SKU Stock Linking, and eBay Bundles & Kits, 3Dsellers includes settings to hide your actual inventory in a Warehouse setting, then display a lower quantity on eBay. 

The quantity on eBay is automatically restocked after every sale, making an easy solution to getting more sales and better search rank from seemingly scarce demand.

The Sales Power of “Multi-eBay” Marketing with 3Dsellers: 

3Dsellers’ cross-eBay account stock syncing simplifies your eBay multi-listing marketing, letting you diversify selling strategies, test best listing practices, and treat your eBay listings like actual ad space for your products. 

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