The Selling Power of eBay Product Videos: Record, Create, and Publish

Aaron Fitch
May 20, 2022

eBay items are more likely to be purchased if you publish listings with eBay product videos.

In fact, an average of 73% more visitors who watch product videos make purchases, increasing conversion rates by up to 500%.

How eBay video can boost your business sales

Videos engage customers and allow them to better understand an eBay product while also setting your business apart from the competition.

Increased Brand Recognition - Many other merchants may be selling the same or similar products as your eBay store. A video will paint you as the most knowledgeable seller, creating trust in you above your competitors.

Shoppers Buy When They Learn First - Marketing statistics show that 87% of Gen Z prefer video ads (such as demos, tutorials, unboxing videos, and video reviews). Google has also stated that Gen X and Baby Boomers are also highly attracted to product videos before purchasing products. So, it’s easy to see why you can boost your sales by creating your own informational video.

Instantly Resolve Customer Pain Points - In your video, include details that answer typical customer questions, informing the buyer before they read the description or ask you outright. The faster pain points are solved, the more likely customers are to purchase your eBay product. In fact, 84% of customers reported buying a product after watching a demo video. 

Pro Tip: Help potential customers understand your eBay product’s features. Create professional videos in Clipchamp for any business and watch your conversions skyrocket.

Build trust between buyers and eBay sellers - Authentic eBay videos display a store’s confidence in the actual product, building trust between brands and consumers. Knowing this is especially important when competing with other sellers — because buyers searching for a particular product on eBay are more inclined to purchase from the listing with an eBay video. 

Video is great for mobile & desktops - Whether your eBay video is viewed on the eBay App, mobile browser, or a desktop computer, videos are accessible to anyone who can see your listing. And with over 66 million monthly app users, eBay videos are easy to consume on the go. 

How to create successful eBay product videos 

Creating a successful eBay product video

When you upload videos to eBay product photos, show the product in its natural lighting at different angles to display with textual and spoken information. When planning, recording and editing your eBay video, it is important to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Ensure your video is high-quality and visually appealing (get great shots inexpensively with a good phone and sunlight). 
  2. Provide buyers with all the main information they need to make an informed (or compulsive) decision.

Check out the video creation suggestions below to maximize your content:

Small Videos = Big Sales - Create eBay product videos that are short and to the point. Ads on Facebook and Instagram sell best around 15-30 seconds, where most product videos may want to maintain this timeframe. Depending on product niches, this time can certainly be extended to explain advanced features to certain buyers. But most buyers will not watch a long video.

Close Up Shots With The Product In Use - Include a close-up shot of the product if applicable. The goal is to make potential buyers feel as if they are inspecting the item themselves. If possible, show the product in use to give buyers a better idea of what it looks like in action. Then, while using the product, take another closeup to add a cut scene effect to your video.

Edit Easy to Save Time - Your video should be well-edited and easy to follow. To save time with post-production, online video promotion software lets you customize video content simply with straightforward editing and effects. You can also add a personalized voice-over using a text-to-speech generator, helping to personalize your small business. Incorporating free drone footage to make your videos soar and capture an aerial view can make your videos more interesting and unique.

Product Information and Video Outlines

Presenting your items in eBay product videos to make more sales

Creating eBay product videos is creating part of your buyer’s shopping experience. So, with every step of the way, keep the buyer in mind and provide them with all the information they need to make a purchase.

When planning your video or script, consider including:

  • A product overview - Show how the product works and how to use it.
  • Detailed product features - Explain why the product is unique and beneficial. Include noteworthy product specifications.
  • The benefits of buying the product - Promote customer reviews and success stories. Provide favorable shipping, return, and warranty information.

Including all this information in an eBay product video can significantly increase the likelihood of an increase in sales.

Pro Tip: Try creating a video for one of your listings (that already has some traffic) and see the results! 

How to publish an eBay listing with a product video

How to upload a product video to eBay photo gallery
  1. Sign in to eBay and edit a listing.
  2. Click on the "Add Video" tab and upload a video.
  3. Enter the title and description and save.

Pro Tip: use eBay listing software to add and edit product videos on eBay listings. 

eBay Product Video FAQ

eBay product video FAQ

Tackle a few common questions about eBay product videos before you start recording!

Why do eBay product videos work and sell more?

Videos are much more engaging than text or images, so shoppers are more likely to watch videos than read or skim through photos. With a video, you increase the audience's interest in what you're selling, helping to show off your products in a more dynamic way.

Where do I edit and add effects to eBay product videos?

An eBay video production template service allows you to create high-quality videos easily. Sell products online without the time spent editing in a complex PC application. You can get the same professional results in a fraction of the time.

What is the difference between eBay "Photo Gallery" Product Videos and "Description" Videos?

eBay launched "photo gallery" product videos on near the end of 2021 and followed with video support for in 2022. Prior to this, the only way to include videos in eBay listings was in the description. Now, you can display a video in a photo gallery like you would an Amazon listing.

How do I scale my eBay business when videos help sustain growth?

Get a head start. Help your business scale faster with eBay tools you'll also need when it scales.

Check out this quick list of tools below to automate and manage eBay workflows without the effort. This way, you can focus on product, advertising, and growth strategies now, and keep yourself from losing focus later.

  • eBay automation software
  • eBay bulk listing management
  • eBay helpdesk (ticketing CRM)
  • Automatic eBay Offers
  • Automatic eBay messaging

Final thoughts for using eBay videos to sell more items

Sell more on eBay with product videos

We've covered how

  • eBay product videos are a powerful marketing tool,
  • help boost eBay sales,
  • how to upload videos to eBay,
  • and tips on how to make a video for an eBay product. 

The potential 500% increase in conversion rates alone is worth the production of an eBay listing video. Try creating product videos now and start selling items on eBay like a pro. 

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