eBay Growth Program: An International Sales Plan for Your Business

Aaron Fitch
March 23, 2022

From fine décor to innovative technologies, merchants with every product niche substantially boost sales by using eBay to sell internationally. 

"eBay has been a game changer for us. The instant access to the huge customer base has made it possible to achieve an exponential growth…It wouldn't be possible without the stellar support eBay offers through their business support program…they always have my back". - Stefan Tashev

With personalised support from the eBay Export team and eBay services such as GSP (Global Shipping Programme/Program), you can dramatically reduce the costs and efforts of international selling to ensure the new revenue is worth your business' expansion.

We'll quickly review the benefits (and what you can achieve) with the eBay Growth Program (and GSP), so you can decide if this is a path worth exploring further with eBay's seller-support team.

Why expand your business with eBay Export?

eBay Inc. is one of the most significant driving forces of international direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce — and eBay Export wants to show you (personally) how your business can use its platform to create global sales growth.

Not only is eBay offering to show you how to create an international storefront, but they want to invest in your success with many other features, knowledge, and benefits, substantially reducing the overhead needed to expand.

Global Buyer Access

eBay boasts (rightfully so) on their Growth Program application page that uploading your products to eBay opens the doors to 147M buyers, 190 markets, and 250M eBay searches each day. 

While those stats are fantastic news for any seller, through eBay Promotions, your audience grows even more, including consumers of:

  • Google Shopping ads
  • eBay's automated promotional and abandoned cart emails
  • Other external promotions

Global Shipping Programme: An Innovative International eCommerce Solution

As you may already know, product delivery logistics are one of the biggest show-stoppers when considering international business expansion. If you're not opening a warehouse in a foreign country, the risk of achieving profitable shipping and returns will be the biggest roadblocks you'll face.

So, being a superhero, eBay stepped in with a solution in 2012 by launching the Global Shipping Program. GSP's service to numerous countries’ merchants allows eBay sellers to ship foreign-sold items to a central hub that manages the delivery. 

For every international sale you deliver with GSP, eBay will keep your shipping costs relatively consistent, handle buyer taxes and import charges, and manage customs clearance.

Thanks to eBay, international shipping is no longer a roadblock; it is a valuable asset strengthening business potential and global eCommerce success.

Personalised Setup Support & Training

For one of the world's largest marketplaces, personalised support for your new international eCommerce journey couldn't be more refreshing and welcoming. You'll rarely see this kind of service with other large selling platforms.

Alongside personal assistance setting up and learning eBay's Seller Hub and Selling Manager, eBay offers to explore customised solutions for uploading your inventory and ways to use eBay Promotion tools to begin growing your sales right away. 

Free eBay Store

Every brand needs an eBay Store. Today's online economy demands a self-promoting eBay storefront, higher priority, and access to built-in eBay promotion tools.

So eBay Growth Program will invest in your business for three months with a free eBay Store, giving you plenty of time to justify any expense and experience the benefits.

Overall savings

Hiring a team to create a system to advertise and plan profitable workflows for international shipping and customer satisfaction is not something even the most successful company wants to do. 

The cost of this is thousands upon thousands depending on the size of your business operations. Then, you'll accumulate expenses for extra work involved in managing international shipping and selling in house.

Alternatively, you can expose your brand to the world for free with eBay and pay small fees for promotions and sales. 

Pro tip: Thinking about profit margins here? Pro eBay tools with bulk actions can help you adjust prices and promotions on your items with advanced data filters.

How do I apply for the eBay Growth Program?

Gather the information on the checklist below and visit eBay's Export's application page.

What you'll need: 

  • Company location and contact details
  • Your store's main category of product
  • The number of different items that you sell
  • A list of any brand names you sell

What type of businesses can apply for eBay's Growth Program?

Whether your business is a physical shop, retail department store, or eCommerce site, if you have over 100 different items to sell, eBay Export is happy to review helping you manage international sales with eBay.

Should I sell globally with eBay? (final thoughts)

The demand for foreign goods will never cease, but neither will your competition. 

Because eBay has already opened the opportunity for your business to reach international waters, it may be time to consider securing your place in the global economy!

With eBay's professional, start-up-shop support and a plethora of eBay automation tools, maximising your reach and growth is efficient and cost-friendly.

Still on the fence about expanding? Have questions? Or want to get started as soon as possible? Apply for the eBay Growth Program and get every detail you need to make an informed decision on your future business growth. 

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