eBay feedback examples for buyers and sellers

99+ eBay Feedback Examples for Buyers and Sellers

October 23, 2022

eBay has been a trusted ecommerce marketplace for many years, and that’s due in part to the platform’s reliance on buyer feedback. eBay’s feedback system enables buyers and sellers to rate their transactions on the platform, which in turn helps other users make informed decisions about who to do business with.

Leaving original and helpful feedback for a transaction you’ve had on eBay can sometimes be challenging, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller. To help you leave the best feedback for your latest eBay transaction, we’ve put together a selection of various eBay feedback examples for you to use as a guide when leaving your own feedback.

eBay Feedback Examples

eBay Feedback Examples

Below, we’ve listed 99+ eBay feedback examples that will help you leave feedback for all kinds of transaction experiences. To make it easy to find the correct feedback for your needs, we’ve divided our eBay feedback examples into sections, including eBay positive feedback examples and eBay negative feedback examples.

eBay positive feedback examples

eBay positive feedback examples from buyers to sellers

As a buyer, leaving positive feedback for a seller you’ve had a good experience with can really help them grow their business. Other buyers will appreciate your feedback, too, and you’ll contribute to a better eBay community! Below are some examples of positive feedback you can leave for eBay sellers.  

Feedback for average eBay sellers:

  1. Carefully packaged, item came as described.
  2. Very attentive to detail and responsive.
  3. Great communication, will buy from again!
  4. Got exactly what I needed.
  5. Fast shipping and great communication.
  6. Great seller, thanks.
  7. Good item, works flawlessly.
  8. Perfect transaction, thanks.
  9. Thanks, very fast service.
  10. Exactly as described.

Feedback for Top-Rated eBay sellers:

  1. Very fast shipping, thanks!
  2. LOVE these, thanks so much.
  3. Nice item, very well packaged.
  4. Lightning fast shipping.
  5. Rapid delivery, great communication.
  6. Thanks, very satisfied.
  7. Great seller, thanks so much.
  8. Item arrived before the delivery date, perfect.
  9. Everything was flawless.
  10. 5 Star seller, highly recommended.
  11. Great item! Fast shipping!
  12. A+++++
  13. Super fast shipping! Item just as described!
  14. Great communication! Super fast shipping! A+++++
  15. Great seller! Fast shipping! Item just as described!

Feedback for Super eBay sellers:

  1. Smooth transaction, will buy from again.
  2. A++++ fantastic seller.
  3. Good seller, answered questions very quickly.
  4. Will order more soon.
  5. Excellent service as always.
  6. Fabulous seller and a great transaction.
  7. Very pleased, item as described.
  8. Top quality product, thank you.
  9. Item matched the description.
  10. Very satisfactory, thanks.
  11. Flawless process.
  12. Excellent seller! Item arrived quickly and as described.
  13. Great communication and fast shipping! Thank you!
  14. Thank you for the prompt shipment!
  15. Item better than described! Fast shipping!
  16. 5 STARS!!! Thank you!!!
  17. Fast shipping, item just as described, highly recommended!
  18. Thank you so much! Item just as described and shipped quickly!
  19. Great seller! Item arrived quickly and was just as described!
  20. Thank you! Item arrived quickly and was exactly as described!
  21. Fast shipping, great item, thank you!

eBay positive feedback examples from sellers to buyers

As a seller, leaving feedback for your buyers is a great way to boost buyer engagement and offer your buyers a better shopping experience. Unique and personal feedback is a tried and true way of creating trust, and a great way to ensure that buyers will be back for their next purchase! Below are some examples of feedback you can leave for a buyer with whom you’ve had a positive experience.

Feedback for a great eBay buyer:

  1. Prompt payment, look forward to future transactions.
  2. Thank you for your business.
  3. Excellent communication and fast payment.
  4. Truly a great buyer - speedy payment, and swift transaction.
  5. Great buyer, and a smooth transaction.
  6. Excellent buyer, very pleased.
  7. Fast payment and a great buyer.
  8. First-rate buyer made for a perfect transaction
  9. Great transaction.
  10. A pleasure to work with.
  11. Thank you for your purchase!
  12. Fast payment and great communication! A+++
  13. Thank you for your prompt payment.
  14. Thanks for your payment, and for being an excellent buyer!
  15. Thanks so much for your purchase, and for being a great buyer!
  16. Thank you for your payment, and for being an excellent customer!
  17. Thanks so much for your purchase, and for being a great customer!
  18. Thank you for your payment, and for being a great eBayer!
  19. Thanks so much for your purchase, and for being a great eBayer!

Feedback for a fast payment eBay buyer:

  1. An asset to the eBay community.
  2. Everything was perfect.
  3. A great experience, thank you.
  4. Very good, excellent buyer.
  5. Perfect transaction, thanks.
  6. Great communication, a pleasure to do business with.
  7. A+++++++.
  8. High quality correspondence.
  9. Remarkable experience all around.
  10. Great buyer.

Feedback for a buyer that left a positive feedback:

  1. Great buyer, speedy payment.
  2. Swift payment, great doing business with.
  3. Excellent buyer – hope to do business again!
  4. Fast payment, great buyer. Thank you.
  5. Hope to do business with again.
  6. Exceptional buyer, smooth transaction.
  7. Seamless transaction, very pleased.
  8. Speedy payment, top buyer.
  9. Good buyer, pleasure to do business with.
  10. Quick payment, highly recommended.

eBay negative feedback examples for sellers from buyers

  1. Didn’t ship on time, arrived late.
  2. Item looks different in person, sent back.
  3. Doesn’t match description, had to return.
  4. Ordered multiple items, seller sent only one.
  5. Slow to answer questions, unhelpful responses.
  6. Didn’t fully disclose item condition. Returned.
  7. Was supposed to be a present, but arrived late.
  8. Made request re shipping, seller replied too late.
  9. Shipping was very slow, took a long time to arrives.
  10. Item is very poor quality, not what I expected.
  11. Not as described at all – sent back!
  12. The seller never shipped the item.
  13. The seller shipped the item damaged.
  14. The seller shipped the wrong item.
  15. The seller overcharged for shipping.
  16. The seller failed to disclose important information about the item.
  17. The seller provided inaccurate or misleading information about the item.
  18. The seller refused to answer questions about the item.
  19. The seller was un responsive to messages.
  20. The seller was rude or unprofessional.
  21. The shipping took longer than expected.
  22. The item arrived damaged.
  23. The item was not as described.
  24. The item was not the correct size, color, or model.
  25. The item was missing parts or accessories.
  26. The item did not work or was not functional.
  27. The item was counterfeit or fake.
  28. The item was not new as described.
  29. The item had been used or worn.
  30. The item was missing the original packaging.
  31. The item was not eligible for return or refund.

eBay negative feedback examples for buyers from sellers

While sellers can’t leave buyers negative feedback, they do have other avenues of recourse for dealing with troublesome buyers. eBay enables sellers to block buyers, and has a system in place for reporting buyers who’ve violated eBay’s policies.

Automatic eBay feedback

How to leave feedback on eBay as a buyer

Buyers on eBay have a lot of choices for leaving feedback, and that’s because feedback is one of the most important factors which other buyers will take into account when choosing whether or not to purchase from a seller.

eBay will send buyers an email reminding you to leave feedback for your order, which will have a link that you can follow to leave your feedback. You can also leave feedback by logging into your eBay account, navigating to your purchase history, and locating the order. If you haven’t left feedback for a transaction, you’ll see the option to leave feedback here.

How to leave feedback on eBay as a seller

As a seller on eBay, your feedback options are much more limited: you can only leave your buyers positive feedback. This limitation was put in place by eBay many years ago, and has made it more challenging to utilize the feedback system as a seller on eBay. Regardless of the positive rating, you are free to write whatever you wish in your feedback (provided that it is in line with eBay’s feedback policies).

To leave feedback for a buyer, you’ll need to locate the relevant transaction through the seller hub or find it through the sold section in My eBay. If you’ve not left feedback for the transaction yet, you’ll see the option to leave feedback here. Select the transaction for which you’d like to leave feedback, and click “leave feedback.” Then, select “positive,” input your comment, and click “leave feedback.”

How to automatically leave eBay feedback for buyers

Leaving feedback as a buyer usually isn’t too troublesome, depending on how many items you purchase, and most sellers will even send a reminder to leave feedback after a week or so. But staying on top of buyer feedback as a seller is much more challenging, especially if you sell hundreds or thousands of items a month.

Luckily, there are ways to make this process easier. One way is to automate the process in eBay’s selling preferences, but this approach has its limitations. You’ll only be able to leave automatic feedback for buyers after they’ve paid or after they themselves have left positive feedback for the transaction, and won’t have much in the way of personalization and customization.

Another way to automate the process is through the use of third-party tools like 3Dsellers, which enables you to automate feedback, as well as various other tasks associated with managing an eBay store. 3Dsellers offers multiple services with tiered pricing options that are designed to work for you, and adapt to your eBay business as it grows.

More things you should know about eBay feedback

One common misconception on eBay is that negative feedback is a permanent stain on your account. While there is some truth to that, there are several things you should know about how negative and neutral feedback work.

Feedback never goes away and you can actually scroll back and see all the feedback your account has ever received. Your entire feedback history does not factor into your account’s current rating, however. Instead, eBay only takes into account the last twelve months of feedback when calculating your eBay selling account’s health, so you always have the opportunity to improve your rating by maximizing positive feedback and minimizing negative feedback.

You also have the option of sending a feedback revision request to a buyer that has agreed to revise their feedback and rating. You should only use this option in cases where a buyer has agreed to revise their feedback, as you have a limited number of feedback revision requests at your disposal (5 feedback revision requests per calendar year). Alternatively, if a negative or neutral feedback is in violation of eBay’s feedback policy, you may be able to communicate with eBay directly to have it removed.

Another bit of good news is that even though you can’t always remove or revise negative feedback, you will always be able to reply to it. Replying to a feedback means leaving a public response, and gives you the chance to tell your side of the story in a few words. Keep in mind that your reply must also be compliant with eBay’s feedback policies.

In the end, it’s important to remember that receiving negative or neutral feedback is not the end of the world, and try to take every feedback as a learning experience. Remember that eBay only takes into account your most recent 12 months of feedback, and if you take the time to learn from each feedback experience, you’ll quickly be able to minimize the number of negative and neutral feedbacks you receive.

Pro Tip: Remind eBay buyers to leave feedback automatically

You can improve your eBay feedback score by following up with buyers after they receive their items. 

If they are satisfied, tell them that your business would appreciate their positive feedback. 

Additionally, you'll be checking in before a dissatisfied customer leaves negative feedback on eBay.

How to Encourage Feedback Automatically

With 3Dsellers' Feedback Reminder tool for eBay, you can send feedback reminder messages automatically  (get free feedback reminder message templates!). Thousands of eBay sellers around the world use this app for more than a decade.

Feedback Reminder also allows you to block reminders automatically based on certain conditions. 

In addition, you can send buyers automated, customized feedback and receive e-mail alerts if they leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback.

You can also send messages to buyers based on the kind of feedback they've left using 3Dsellers' Auto Messages tool. By getting neutral and negative feedback quickly, you increase your chances of having the buyer change their feedback. 

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