Check Out Webstore's New Control Panel!

Apr 30, 2014

We are happy to announce that we’ve just completed the redesign of Webstore’s control panel. The main goal of our control panel’s redesign was to improve your user experience, by making the control panel more user-friendly and easy to use.We changed the functionality & design of the control panel, but don’t worry you will still find in your control panel all the features you had before.

  • Address Tab
  • The new address tab makes it easier than ever to activate your webstore and change your webstore's subdomain.
  • Banner Tab
  • In the new banner tab you can preview how your banner will look in your listing and easily change the banner's color.
  • Template Tab
  • In the new template tab you will be able to easily preview and save a new design template.
  • Logo Tab
  • Our new "Select n'save" option makes it easier for you to save your settings by simply clicking on an image, as you can see in our new logo tab.
  • Featured Item Tab
  • Easily select your featured item and a background for your featured item.
  • Designed Header Tab
  • Simply click on one of our headers in your designed header tab to change your webstore's header.
  • Custom Header Tab
  • Our new custom header tab allows you to easily upload your own header.
  • Sidebar Tab
  • Our new sidebar tab allows you to easily select the widgets you would like to add to your sidebar
  • Settings Tab
  • Our new settings tab offers you a simpler way to update your contact information and About page.
  • Help Tab
  • Here you will find our Webstore's video tutorial, FAQ and other useful resources

So if you haven’t updated your webstore in a while, now will be a good time to check out our new control panel and spice up your webstore’s design. Also, be sure to check out in your control panel our latest design templates and our new and exciting dynamic sidebar!We are looking forward to hearing your inputs & feedback regarding these changes, so feel free to comment here below!

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