How to Stay Compliant with New Amazon Buyer-Seller Policy and Communication Guidelines Updates

Aaron Fitch
November 28, 2020

How to Stay Compliant with New Amazon Buyer-Seller Policy and Communication Guidelines Updates

Important: Please read this post to ensure your 3Dsellers Amazon review requests and messages are compliant with updates to the Amazon Communication Guidelines and Buyer-Seller Messaging Policy. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a 30-day or lifetime restriction on your ability to send messages to buyers.
If you are using 3Dsellers Auto Messages for Amazon to send feedback requests and messages to buyers, we strongly recommend you read the following information below in full and review all message templates that you are currently using. 

Major Updates to Amazon Guidelines & Messaging Policy

  • You must include the Order ID in all messages - Insert 3Dsellers dynamic field {amazon_order_id} in each message template.
  • You must send messages in the buyer’s preferred language. - In your message settings, ensure your message is written in the same language as the Amazon marketplace you are selling on. Your message will not send if the buyer's preferred language setting is different than the marketplace. 

Do Not Include These Elements and Formats:

  • GIFs or Emojis 
  • Fonts in more than three sizes 
  • Unsecured images (http instead of https)
  • More than two line-breaks (spacing between paragraphs) in a row
  • Centered text (or different than default alignment for the buyer’s language)
  • Message margins over 20% max-width (to be safe, if you need to indent text or make a bullet-list, only indent lines/paragraphs once)
  • Image or graphic sizes larger than 80% maximum width (auto-managed by 3Dsellers)
  • Overrides of Amazon’s default line height, font family, or font color (auto-managed by 3Dsellers)

Do Not Include This Content in Messages:

  • Product images
  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping confirmations
  • “Thank you” messages
  • Tracking pixels and images
  • Links to opt-out of messaging
  • Logos displaying your web address
  • Promotional messages with coupons
  • “Contact us if you have a problem” text
  • Email addresses and telephone numbers
  • More than one request for a product review
  • Instructions or guidelines when requesting reviews
  • External links (unless needed for order completion)
  • Promotion of additional products - or products on other channels
  • Sensitive content (violence, bare skin, gore, adult, and offensive language)
  • Email attachments (unless for instructions, invoices, or warranty information)
  • Content that incentivizes the buyer to leave a review (a free gift, discount, compensation)

If You Fail to Comply with Amazon Buyer-Seller Policies:

If these rules are not followed by you and your team, restrictions will be applied to your account, disabling your ability to send proactive messages to buyers. Restrictions may be temporary for first-time offenders but can be extended to a lifetime restriction if messages are not corrected. 

Amazon may also automatically block your messages if they do not adhere to these rules, which can result in the suspension of your selling privileges. To view if your messages are being blocked, visit Seller Central and go to Messaging. Then, open a recently sent message. 

If you have been restricted, you will see this text at the bottom of your message: 

“This message was not delivered because your account was temporarily restricted from sending proactive messages. For more information please check the email inbox associated with your account for a detailed error notification.”

If You See the Restriction Notice in Your Messages:

  1. Disable all 3Dsellers Auto Messages for Amazon.
  2. Review Amazon’s policy in full.
  3. Update your templates to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines. 
  4. Contact Amazon for a resolution. 

Click here to read more information on Amazon's buyer-seller messaging terms.

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