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The Best eBay Apps and Listing Tools to Boost eBay Sales

January 15, 2022

Managing an eCommerce business can be tough. As your store grows, it takes a lot of time and energy to do all the necessary tasks to keep your products fresh and updated; and with so many steps involved, it isn't easy to concentrate on maintaining business growth and increasing sales through other marketing efforts. 

Therefore, it is essential that you have software as an ally, capable of satisfying your listing needs to save time on tedious product listing tasks where you can focus on growing sales. So, we've gathered a list of the best eBay tools for sellers that include the market’s most-used listing software to help make your decision even easier.

3Dsellers - eBay Listing Software

The market's leading best eBay tools for sellers are all on the 3Dsellers eBay selling manager platform. 

As the most complete eBay provider out there, 3Dsellers' eBay seller software is a time-saving, sales-boosting utility for beginners selling on eBay, to enterprise merchants—providing all the eBay tools you need to list, manage, market, and automate your eBay business. 

3Dsellers eBay Selling Manager displaying eBay items and features from 3Dsellers seller software

3Dsellers eBay Software Features

Increase sales on eBay, get more feedback and save time with eBay automation and bulk actions for listings, orders, messages, and more. 

In addition, their eBay CRM HelpDesk allows eBay sellers to provide fast (and even automatic) customer support to buyers, boosting your eBay store. Not to mention, the Helpdesk is also available for several other marketplaces like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Email, and more. 

Inkfrog - eBay & Shopify Listing App

InkFrog allows sellers the ability to streamline and automate order processing and listing processes across eBay and Shopify. 

InkFrog eBay listing tool dashboard showing "profiles" that act as eBay listing template drafts.

InkFrog Selling Features:

Among their features are: multiple eBay listing templates, an outstanding eBay listing software that comes with the ability to automatically deactivate listings when inventory is depleted with auto relist rules and schedule, eBay listing upload via CSV file, cloud storage, rules to optimize your pricing across channels, and the ability to transfer listings to other marketplace syncing inventory between them.

Auctiva - eBay & Amazon Listing Tool

Auctiva is a great eCommerce solution that helps businesses across eBay, Amazon and other multiple marketplaces manage listings, marketing, SEO, sales, and orders. 

Auctiva eBay listing tool dashboard with eBay items synced to Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

Auctiva Selling Features:

In addition to the free features, the platform offers a variety of paid features as well, including: an interactive dashboard that lets managers gain insights into profits, sales data, and other metrics, bulk editing capabilities, order management, listing tool, data import/export, auto-relisting, ability to design personalized newsletter and emails to notify the customers about product promotions, scheduled listings, listing designer, and more. 

Crazylister - eBay Templates and Amazon Listings

A powerful software designed for Amazon and eBay sellers to create professional listings. Their Listing tool enables sellers to easily manage all listings from a single place and list inventory on Amazon and eBay in bulk. 

Screenshot of Crazylister listing dashboard

Crazylister Selling Features:

Crazylister offers over 200 premade listing templates that can be customized, the ability to make edits in multiple listings simultaneously, sync inventory between marketplaces, and data analysis for all targeted channels. 


With ChannelAdvisor, sellers can list, manage and optimize product listings on more than 140 online marketplaces. They are well known for helping global brands and retailers solve all their needs in a single and centralized platform that allows sellers to manage inventory, customers, and sales for all of their sales channels. 

Screenshot of CannelAdvisor listing dashboard

Channel Advisor’s Selling Features:

They offer sellers the ability to choose between preloaded templates, edit listings, create templates, or select templates for all categories with the eBay Catalog feature.  Moreover, they offer a great API that you can even use to integrate your own website to ChannelAdvisor, in case you have it.

Vendio - Multichannel Product Lister

Vendio is an eCommerce platform designed for small businesses that allow sellers to quickly reach customers and sell products on multiple channels. It contains all the tools needed to effectively sell on eBay, with powerful features that make managing multi-channel inventory, listings, and orders with an eye blink. 

Vendio multichannel eBay listing software showing multiple products and features

Vendio’s Selling Features:

The software makes it easy for eBay businesses to keep track of every stage of the online sales cycle, allowing them to create and schedule eBay listings, track inventory, customer communication, and order management - from a single interface. Easy, efficient, and profit-boosting are all characteristics of Vendio.

Sellbrite - Multi Channel Listing and Product Sync

Sellbrite is simple and intuitive cloud software that can be used among different online commercial outlets, including Amazon and eBay. It enables retailers to easily list and sell their products on multiple sales channels, control, sync inventory, and manage and fulfill orders, providing merchants with the cross-channel intelligence they need to succeed. 

Sellbrite multichannel listing sync dashboard showing products, filters, and features to manage listings across multiple marketplaces

Sellbrite Selling Features:

A few of their features include managing catalogs, listing tool, tallying products on hand, inventory management and handling purchases coming in from various sources. 


Kyozou allows sellers to manage all their listings from one place, making the process easier and more efficient. Besides its listing tool that helps in the process of scheduling listings and has numerous automation options, Kyozou makes processes as simple as possible, simplifying the auto relisting and relisting process, allowing to do it individually or in bulk. 

Screenshot of Kyozou listing dashboard

As one of the few companies with an eBay certification, Kyozou keeps up to date with all eBay policy changes and thus keeps its users up to date.


SellerActive is an all-in-one management software for multiple channel e-commerce sellers. The solution provides all the tools that simplify numerous processes from the most popular e-commerce marketplaces. With SellerActive, besides having access to outstanding repricing software, sellers can integrate and manage orders. 

SellerActive dashboard of eCommerce business and seller performance statistics

The inventory is updated across all sales channels and is easier to upload, edit, bulk listing out to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.


With SellerCloud's eCommerce platform, online sellers can quickly increase revenue on their multi-channel business. Sellers can manage all their inventory and fulfillment from a single platform to streamline the entire multi-channel retailing process. Besides warehouse management, inventory management, and listing software, SellerCloud also handles order processing, shipping, and accounting integration. 

SellerCloud product manager dashboard for mutlichannel listing and editing.

With SellerCloud, e-commerce sellers can stay organized on their operational workflow to better understand their sales, control, and management, focusing mainly on their business growth. 

Final thoughts

No matter if you sell exclusively on eBay or sell on other marketplaces as well, using 3Dsellers eBay listing software & Helpdesk is a must. With 3Dseller's platform, you can automate countless processes, which allows you to reduce time waste, and human error to concentrate on other areas of growing your business. 

Take advantage of the free trial period to make the most of all the tools that will bring your business to a whole new level of efficiency.

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