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Top 6 tools that will automate your eBay agency business and increase eBay sales.

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Advanced CRM & Helpdesk

Are you trying to get your customer service to the next level?
To organize your team and your buyer's tickets?
Reply, manage, assign and automate. This is what we do!

Our system give you full versatility to control your messages and manage your team at an efficient way - like you never saw before.
You can manage your cancellations, returns and the rest of your cases directly from our tool - yes, you can keep your eBay tab closed.

Multiple account sellers will find peaceful environment where their accounts are NEVER linked together, they can control all of their stores from one place and manage their customer service from one inbox.

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Powerful Listing Designer

It's time to be unique!
Our listing designer tool will help you to create outstanding dynamic templates that will help you to convert better.

You can fully customize the look of your listing and to promote items as well.
Yes! Use our smart "product grid" feature in order to keep your customers longer in your listing and increase the chance they will buy, by customized suggestions based on the product category!

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ebay templates
ebay templates

Automated Feedback Reminder

3Dsellers’ most famous tool since 2001 improves your eBay feedback score to appear at the top of eBay search.

The automated tool will leave positive feedback for your customers, and will remind them to leave feedback in case they forgot.
Our smart algorithm knows how to detect and avoided sensitive buyers as well (such buyers who opened a case etc.)

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Email Marketing Software

With our revolutionary tool you can send to your buyers offers, discounts, cross promote and upsells.

You have an happy buyer? Great! Send him a customized email thanking him for his positive feedback and attach some "last minute deals".

This method proven to skyrocket your sales!
Selling product from private supplier and need to attach a manual for each purchase, do it automatically with our tool!
Limitless options are waiting for you!

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ebay templates
ebay templates

Shipping Tracker

Sync all of your eBay tracking details and send proactive shipping updates to your buyers.
Keep your customers and yourself in-the-know at all times.

Use our pre-designed message templates or create your own messages to automatically send dynamically personalized shipping updates.

Customize sending triggers for shipment status and couriers.Create shipping status alerts and send yourself notifications.

Supports over 100 most popular domestic and international shipping couriers.

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Extensive, simple to use eBay inventory manager

We've developed the ultimate eBay inventory software to help you keep your inventory levels up to date.

Inventory Manager helps you effortlessly stay on top of tasks and inventory duties so you can continue to maintain the image of professionalism that drives your business.

Packed with exceptional, time-saving features, Inventory Manager can also do much more than assisting with inventory updates.

You can also use it to create demand for your products and manage your items.

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ebay templates
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