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From an professional CRM workstation, auto-responses, message templates, and rules for team assignment & folders, our eBay Customer Service software is designed to save you countless hours of work.

Manage all Cases, Returns And Refunds

Manage all Cases, Returns And Refunds

Manage eBay cases and returns in a simplified work area with an optional of count-down timer to ensure cases are responded to and resolved quickly.

Keep your eBay Account Safe

Keep your eBay Account Safe

Your teammates no longer need access to your eBay account to help you manage customer support. Add them to your 3Dsellers account and they will have everything they need.

No Login and Logout Between eBay Accounts

No Login and Logout Between eBay Accounts

Managing multiple accounts can become overwhelming on eBay. With 3Dsellers, you can filter messages from any (or all) of your accounts in just a couple of clicks.

Grow your Business Much Faster

Get a clear overview of your eBay feedback automation performance and track recent reminders

Improve Listings Visibility

Get customization options such as country-targeted messages, Dynamic Fields, sending times and trigger events to improve communications and ensure higher success.

Save hours when editing listings

Easily set automated feedback requests and autmatically leave feedback for your buyers. We take care of the manual work,

Get control over multiple acconts

Easily set automated feedback requests and autmatically leave feedback for your buyers. We take care of the manual work,
so you can focus on growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check eBay Messages and reply on 3Dsellers?

3Dseller’s Customer Service CRM transforms your eBay messages into comprehensive support tickets.
You can view new tickets with inbox view and organize them into different folders. For responding to eBay messages, there is a simple conversation view where you can see the entire history of the conversation, as well as order and buyer details.

Can I create templates for eBay messages?

Yes! 3Dsellers enables you to create unlimited templates with personalized placeholders for order and buyer information. You can quickly use them in replies to your buyers to make your workflow faster.

Can employees reply to eBay messages without accessing my eBay account?

You can add your teammates to your 3Dsellers account and assign them permission to use the CRM for certain eBay accounts. You will never need to provide your eBay login to any of your VA’s, freelancers, or staff.

How do I automate eBay message replies?

We offer an auto-responder for when buyer’s contact you and an out-of-office vacation reply. Bonus: you can even automate assigning new support tickets to teammates and folders.

Why Do eBay Sellers Choose 3Dsellers?

Definitely one of the best eBay selling tools...

I have used so many eBay selling tools over the years and I could not find one that had all the right systems under one roof. You can't beat the price "wow" you get a lot for your money. Customer support was also awesome. They were very prompt at fixing my issue.“

Desmond B

May 5, 2020

Why Do ebay Sellers Choose 3Dsellers?

Five Stars For 3Dsellers

I have been using their software for over 6 months now and I am extremely pleased with it. One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is customer service and this alone could be the difference between success or failure. 3Dsellers makes this a breeze by allowing you to set up "canned" responses, which makes responding to your customers' messages a lot quicker.

Graham OConnor

Aug 18, 2020

Why Do ebay Sellers Choose 3Dsellers?

Better than others

I've used another major listing software prior to joining 3Dsellers. Since my switch, my listings have looked and performed better than ever. The customer service has been outstanding with fast responses and corrections to bugs in a timely manner. They've also quickly implemented important suggested enhancements, sometimes within 24 hours. It's a great product and a great team. I've enjoyed using their product.

Jim Colman

Aug 17, 2020

Why Do eBay Sellers Choose 3Dsellers?

Handy app for a reasonable price with A+ customer support

We've been working with 3Dseller for a year already and it's a pleasure to get the service of this level. The customer support is very thoughtful and replies in a timely manner. Feedback reminder helped us to get 700 additional feedback comments in a year (our total count started from 1700 stars and now it reached 4200).

Liza Malko

Aug 13, 2020

Desmond BGraham OconnorJim ColmanLiza Malko

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