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3Dsellers eBay Listings manager saves you and your team an incredible amount of time with powerful features:
  • Quickly manage and create eBay listings.
  • Utilize unlimited bulk actions.
  • Save drafts and relist items.
  • Transfer listings to other accounts.
See below for fast answers and how-to's for Listings' features and abilities.


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How to do I sell similar, or duplicate listings?

In the Actions column of your listings, use the button to create a new listing with the same item information.

You can also duplicate multiple listings by selecting them and choosing "Copy To Drafts" from the Bulk Actions menu.

What are Tags?

Tags are internal notes to help keep your listings organized.

Three common uses for Tags: 

1) Rather than creating custom folders for listings, filter your listings by tags to view certain items.

2) Include important item, supplier, or warehouse information.

3) In Drafts, use tags to quickly find listing templates or saved seasonal items.

How to add tags:

You can add tags to items individually in the Tags column, or in bulk with the Bulk Actions menu.

Click here to read more about Tags.

Can I import drafts/templates from eBay?

Sadly, eBay currently does not give us the ability to import your drafts/ listing templates.

However, you can quickly create new listing templates by copying active listings to your Drafts folder.

See the question below for more information on using Drafts for listing templates.

How do I create listing templates?

Drafts can also work as listing templates.

To use a draft as a template, create/edit a draft with basic item info.

After saving, edit the draft and include new listing data.

Use the “List Item” button to publish and the draft will remain the same as it was before editing.

How long are ended listings kept?

Ended listings are available for 90 days.

However, you can save them permanently by copying ended listings to Drafts.

Can I copy listings to other eBay accounts?

Absolutely, click here to learn how to copy/transfer listings to your other accounts.

Note: we do not endorse directly copying listings verbatim. For your account health, we recommend you use this as a "sell similar" feature. See eBay's "duplicate listings" policy for more information.

Can I sync my eBay listings to other selling channels?

Sadly, this feature is currently on our road map.

However, we have teamed up with our partner, to bring you Export to Shopify, and Export to Etsy at a discounted price.

You can also use their full service to export you items to Amazon and eBid. Click here to visit their website.

Note: we do provide support for these tools. If you have any questions about these eBay export features, please reach out to ExportYourStore here.

What is "Wholesale" price?

Wholesale price is your cost of the item.

We use your item's wholesale price for price suggestion, to calculate profit on your Dashboard, and to show profit-per-item in Listing's Profit column.

Use Pricing Settings to accompany your Wholesale prices with target profit margins, eBay fees & shipping costs.

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