QA Software Tester

Part Time


Product Team

Use your experience of third-party eCommerce tools to identify areas of improvement within 3Dsellers' tools and features. Great side-gig for current users.

We are an eCommerce seller software company that has provided online eBay tools (for over a decade) and are actively progressing into the world of multichannel applications. We are currently looking for a keen eye for detail and organized issue reporting with extensive/semi-extensive experience using eCommerce tools for eBay and other selling channels.

Why be 3Dsellers' QA Software Tester?

  • You are driven to make a positive impact on the world of eCommerce.
  • You would love to assist in the propagation of eCommerce by ensuring seller tools are ready for market.
  • You love finding issues and presenting possible solutions.
  • You love internet technology and online business.

What are some of the tasks a QA Software Tester contributes?

  • Thoroughly test each option and action for specific features and tools.
  • Create a concise report of the issue with screenshots.
  • Precisely communicate and assist in providing any requested info.
  • Suggest resolutions if applicable.

This position is perfect for you if you have/are:

  • * extensive/semi-extensive experience using eCommerce seller tools (eBay tools are a bonus)
  • * able to retain and communicate correct or provided labels/names for features and web elements.
  • * able to imagine and test possible action combinations and outcomes in detailed environments.
  • experience with eCommerce seller apps and selling on eCommerce platforms
  • experience selling on eBay with third-party tools (Auctiva, InkFrog, eDesk, etc.),
  • HTML and CSS experience

(list items with asterisks are required for this position)

We work remotely through Slack—flexible time, good team.

Thank you very much and good luck!

When applying, please attach your CV and send an opening letter about you.
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