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eBay Selling Manager

The Most Advanced eBay Selling Manager Software and Tools

Market, manage, and automate your eBay business beyond eBay seller hub and supercharge your brand with limitless eBay selling power! Give your business a workflow makeover with all the eBay tools and customer support features you need to increase sales, save time, and boost your eBay seller rating.

Trusted by 5,000+ eBay sellers, 3Dsellers has remained the world's leading eBay selling platform since 2010.

Sellers Who Use 3Dsellers

99.7% Positive feedback
129K Items sold
eBay seller since 2008.

Go Thrift is on a mission to create a brand-new life for second-hand clothes. Everyone deserves outfits they love that don't cost the Earth, literally.

99.9% Positive feedback
744K Items sold
eBay seller since 2000.

ATV Galaxy is one of the top sellers of parts and accessories on eBay, carrying only the best brands at the best prices.

100% Positive feedback
5.1M Items sold
eBay seller since 2004.

The Perfect Part, Inc. offers integrated business solutions for mobile phones and other electronics. Their goal is to create the best hospitality, simplicity, and flexibility possible.

100% Positive feedback
40K Items sold
eBay seller since 2003.

White Diamonds has everything you need when it comes to diamonds. They offer the best prices and highest quality diamond jewelry.

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Ebay Selling Manager

eBay Selling Tools

Boost your sales with 3Dsellers eBay selling tools

3Dsellers' eBay software is more than just an eBay listing tool or selling manager pro subscription.

Alongside all the same features you love about eBay listing software, 3Dsellers extends your abilities to create listings, edit, and sell products into → super-selling capabilities, allowing you to perform big tasks to achieve big sales goals—fast and efficiently!

eBay Listing Software
eBay Bulk Edit Listings
Selling Manager eBay

Outperforming competitor selling software while praised as the best Turbo Lister replacement, 3Dsellers eBay selling manager software is second to none. Expedite workflows, sell more products, and save time to focus on growth.

Every day, both enterprise eCommerce brands and budding eBay sellers alike use 3Dsellers listing software to:

  • Create demand on eBay by hiding real inventory and showing lower quantities
  • Promote and sell more with eBay Promotions and bulk actions
  • Accelerate bulk repricing with custom filter combos and incremental percentage editing
  • Price listings with the correct profit margin using item cost, fees, and profit estimates
  • Encourage sales by adding Retail Pricing (MSRP/Strikethrough Price)
  • Upload eBay videos to your listings' photo gallery
  • Sell more eBay motors parts by copying car compatibility from other listings
  • Always have a fresh supply of products and track inventory with custom restock alerts
  • Import and edit unlimited listings via CSV to manage inventory and bulk-revise listings
  • Analyze sales and inventory management in Excel with CSV sales reports and eBay listing exports
  • Improve listings with insight into unsold items; sorted by date, watchers, and more
  • Relist unsold items in bulk and save seasonal listings for next year's sale
  • Reduce time spent and organize with savable filters, internal tags, and advanced search
  • And so much more, massively strengthening eBay account sales volume.
eBay Selling Tools

3Dsellers Multichannel Orders Manager integrates directly with 3Dsellers Helpdesk, allowing flawless customer service management for order inquiries, cancellations, and return requests.

Orders Management

Order Management

Manage all your orders in one place

Empower your fulfillment team to process eCommerce orders at full speed and efficiently perform post-sale tasks!

No matter if you sell on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, or other marketplaces, 3Dsellers eBay Orders Manager can sync every order from all your selling channels.

Multichannel Orders Management

Teams of every size, across all their marketplaces, are using 3Dsellers' multi-channel orders manager right now to:

  • Instantly filter orders with saved transaction and item data queries
  • Alert teammates to new orders with new-purchase email notifications
  • Personalize data displays on the orders dashboard and sort orders by data columns.
  • Create custom item groups with internal listing tags and custom filters
  • Easy-view order checkout notes and leave internal notes on the order
  • Select and send bulk messages to provide important post-sales updates
  • Quick-search messages and emails from an order's buyer 
  • Select and download orders to a CSV file for sales records and purchase orders.
  • Use eBay Listing Tags to create picklist CSVs for warehouse locations
  • Bulk-update shipping information with a tracking number CSV
  • Plus, many additional features to complete your order-fulfillment process

Multichannel Helpdesk

Multichannel Helpdesk

Better customer support with 3Dsellers Helpdesk

One of the most impactful parts of brand recognition is growing repeat customers (your most valuable source of eBay sales).

Gaining returning customers depends heavily on how a buyer views your team's support service.

3Dsellers' Helpdesk makes your support team fast, knowledgeable, and able to focus on brand messaging.

And with a team that is quick to reply, informational, and represents your brand's niche, the goal of acquiring more sales through excellent eCommerce customer service is easy to achieve through daily workflows.

How? 3Dsellers' selling manager includes a multichannel Helpdesk (an eBay CRM) that can automate support and provide the tools needed to set up an efficient service-branding strategy with powerful, extensive, timesaving features.

E-commerce Helpdesk
eBay Selling Software

3Dsellers multichannel CRM Helpdesk is known internationally for merging order management and customer service software. Even if order processing is automated elsewhere, the benefit of taking small order actions when replying to support messages (without opening another website) is a huge time-saver.

Merchants from all marketplaces and hemispheres are flocking to 3Dsellers Helpdesk to:

  • Transform channel messages from eBay, Amazon, and social media (along with incoming emails) into support tickets that open full SMS-style conversations.
  • Know your buyer and order details with each conversation in a convenient sidebar display, alongside order history, conversation history, and notes. 
  • Get fast team support by mentioning a teammate in a conversation to notify them of situations needing their attention.
  • Automatically assign new tickets to specific teammates and modify the conversation details based on the ticket, channel, order, and item data.
  • Be notified by crossover prevention when someone else is handling a ticket—while teammate avatars reveal a green dot when each user is online.
  • Multi-channel order integration actions can easily cancel and refund orders, manage eBay cases, and more without ever leaving the conversation.
  • Assimilate your team's replies to your brand and create customer service message templates that automatically personalize the text with the buyer's info and order details.
  • Quickly inject SLAs, sales promotions, and sign-offs into your replies by using message templates as text snippets.
  • Automatically answer common questions based on message content with custom autoresponders, reply for extended wait times, and respond during non-business hours.
  • Match the buyer's lifestyle with automatic message translation and reply scheduling, as well as snooze tickets to reopen at a later date. 
  • Organize inboxes to a business-specific workflow with ticket statuses, tags, advanced custom filters, and more.

Boost Your Engagement and Drive Sales with 3Dsellers Listing Designer

Brand your eBay items with stunning listing designs to gain new buyers, watchers, plus improved search rank! Create unlimited listing designs and apply them to eBay listings in bulk while automatically applying designs to new listings by category.

Listing Designer is one of 3Dsellers' most popular eBay tools. Why? Because it can automatically cross-promote similar items from your store, so you get clicks—not eBay's ads.

eBay Listing Designer
Easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use

We simplify designing at every skill level, from beautiful templates with comprehensive and straightforward editors to advanced customization blocks with HTML.

Dozens of professional designed templates

Dozens of Templates

Every eBay store brand can find and customize the perfect listing design for marketing, even allowing web designers to build a template on 3Dsellers!

Responsive eBay templates

100% Mobile Responsive

Flawlessly display your listing design on every buyer's device, ensuring only the best first impressions of your eBay brand and the products you provide.

Do you post text-only eBay descriptions? Check out this Pro Tip: You can still cross-promote products and bulk-attach text without a design! (which makes Listing Designer a valuable addition to any merchant's selling manager)

Save Time with 3Dsellers eBay Automation Tools

Nothing feels better than waking up to sales made while you sleep, and 3Dsellers' sales manager makes those great-feeling mornings come easy! Use a wide variety of eBay selling tools to create a system of automatic replies, order updates, feedback requests, and more to boost new and repeat buyers with cross-promotion and outstanding customer service.

Auto Messages

eBay Auto Messages

Respond faster by sending messages automatically

Stay ahead of the competition, earn brand recognition, and win returning customers with prompt, automatic customer service that sells.

Quick-reply to eCommerce inquiries, send order updates, follow up messages, and much more to ensure shopping and order satisfaction to get great reviews, a higher seller rating, and more sales.

eBay Auto Messages
Helpdesk Auto Responder
eBay Selling Manager Software

Sending customization and diverse email message templates with placeholders that automatically insert order data, review and shipping links, and more ensure your automated marketing, branding, and service success is unstoppable.

At this very moment, 3Dsellers is delivering thousands of automated messages and emails for sellers worldwide to help:

  • Sell items before competitors and answer common questions automatically with unlimited, custom auto-responders.
  • Reduce missing order inquiries by informing buyers of real-time shipping updates (that can even cross-promote your other eBay listings).
  • Create brand messaging consistency with custom message templates that auto-personalize with buyer and order details.
  • Reply to buyer messages while you are away, or ensure buyers that you've received their messages if they are waiting for a response.
  • Ensure buyer satisfaction and send automatic order status updates and custom-delayed follow-up emails.
  • Sell Digital Goods on eBay and deliver download links and codes from an unlimited number of databases.
  • Send messages for only particular items, while additional automation rules block messages for specific customers, orders, and cases.
eBay Selling Manager Tools

3Dsellers Feedback Reminder has remained one of the most-utilized eBay selling tools since the eBay App Store. Now moved to the 3Dsellers platform, it remains a very popular eBay tool to perform post-sales tasks to boost eBay star rating with more eBay feedback.

Feedback Reminder

eBay Feedback Reminder

Sell more with automated feedback reminder

An excellent eBay star rating makes you a top-rated seller. And the foundation of an excellent star rating is receiving a lot of positive eBay feedback.

Top-rated eBay sellers move much more products with priority care from eBay. For example, top-rated eBay sellers may win in an eBay search, receive top eBay promotions, and have more automated eBay sales emails sent for their products.

Realize and maintain your top-rated seller status with fantastic customer support, then follow up automatically, encouraging happy customers to share their thoughts.

Feedback Reminder

Sellers are building their eBay rating right now with 3Dsellers to:

  • Connect with shoppers by sending custom follow-up messages that automatically personalize with the buyer's info.
  • Cater to a buyer's lifestyle and send feedback reminders at a custom time of day that matches the buyer's time zone.
  • Go multi-language and accommodate culture by sending a unique text for buyers based on their country.
  • Acquire forgetful buyer feedback by sending a second follow-up reminder if no feedback was left.
  • Never miss an opportunity to resolve bad feedback quickly with alerts for negative feedback. 
  • Trade feedback with your customers by leaving feedback on certain events. 

Offer Manager

eBay Offer Manager

Automate best offer listings with a smart offer manager

Proven to boost sales by 40%, a solid eBay Offers marketing strategy can dramatically positively influence the growth of your eBay store.

However, due to the time and labor required to manage offers effectively, this may not be in the playbook yet for some eBay sellers.

But now, anyone can employ eBay Offers to boost sales without the extra effort!

Best Offer Manager
eBay Selling Tool

eBay's "Best Offers" have been a memorable part of eBay's consumer-auction platform for many years. In 2019, eBay released the ability for sellers to initiate offers. So we automated this opportunity in our eBay selling manager so every eBay merchant can thrive and reduce the costs of growing sales with eBay offers.

eBay sellers across global marketplaces are boosting sales like never before with time-savvy features that:

  • Automate sending offers as soon as a listing becomes eligible
  • Bargain with your shoppers and send customized counter offers on autopilot
  • Selectively respond and send offers for particular items
  • Swiftly send bulk offers for an unlimited number of eligible items
  • Host an unlimited number of automation rules to interact with incoming offers
  • Save countless hours and labor costs in comparison to manual offers marketing

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Software and Tools for Selling at eBay

Make Smarter Decisions with 3Dsellers Software and Tools

Top business security, proxied API calls, and permission-based structures create a safe, multi-account selling manager for administrative teams and virtual assistants, allowing optimal team organization and peace of mind.


Work With Teammates

Strengthen your workforce and add up to an unlimited number of VA's and employees to assist in managing the daily flow of your business.

Team Permissions

Custom Permissions

Say goodbye to shared passwords and provide team members individual access to only the features and selling channels that you assign to them.

Multiple eBay Accounts

Multi-eBay Account

Safely manage multiple eBay accounts across every eBay selling marketplace, including eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Australia, and more.

Safe and Secure

Secure IP Filtering

Prevent employees from using personal devices to access your 3Dsellers account and approve specific network IP addresses.

Join over 5,000+ merchants who use 3Dsellers' eBay selling manager to skyrocket sales, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition!


Seller Score increase with Feedback Reminder


Boost in repeat buyers with Auto Messages


Sales increase with Best Offers Manager


Graham O

Graham O.

Aug 18, 2020

Five Stars For 3Dsellers

One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is customer service and this alone could be the difference between success or failure. 3Dsellers makes this a breeze by allowing you to set up "canned" responses, which makes responding to your customers' messages a lot quicker.



May 5, 2020

Definitely one of the best eBay selling tools...

I have used so many eBay selling tools over the years and I could not find one that had all the right systems under one roof. You can't beat the price "wow" you get a lot for your money. Customer support was also awesome. FYI I almost never write reviews but you guys deserve this for sure.

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