Covid 19 Solutions For eBay Sellers

How to prepare and manage your store correctly during the Corona virus crisis

Update your templates with critical annoncements

Tell your buyers about delay before they purchase

In order to avoid cancellations and unwanted conversation with buyers, add an announcement inside your eBay's listing templates.

  • Edit or create template using "eBay listing designer" tool.
  • Add or edit a content block.
  • Inform regarding delays, updated processing times, etc.

Organize your customer service better

Manage your tickets and requests properly.

In this time of "chaos" in the eCommerce world, an efficient customer service and automation is the right way to do deal with it.
Use our "CRM and Helpdesk" tool to organize your team and your tickets.

  • Go to "CRM & Helpdesk" tool and connect all of your channels.
  • Set relevant tags to help you search better your tickets.
  • Set ticket types in order to filter and control your customers inquires.
  • Set ticket statuses to the right ones. Organize your daily tasks.

Set up your email marketing software

Inform your buyers automatically about possible delays, after they purchase

due to the high demand for online orders that caused by the
Corona-virus, the shipping companies are having delays.
Let your buyers know it and be prepared.

  • Set up an automated - after order message.
  • Inform them regarding unusual delays.
  • Wish them good health.
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