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Oct 22, 2014

Note: This app is no longer available

In 2018 we launched a brand new platform for eBay sellers, read about 3Dsellers Platform here

Have you ever wished that you had an easy way of checking all that’s going on in your eBay account without having to go through multiple pages, or even without logging in to your eBay account?

Well, we are very excited to announce that we just released a new FREE app, SellerTab, an app that will allow you to view all your eBay activity within your browser every time you open a new tab!

This means that from now on you can just open your browser and right away see if you had any sales, if new feedback was left or if you have any unshipped items.

SellerTab - The eBay Seller Start page

Let’s take a closer look….

eBay/Google Search

Your SellerTab start page includes a versatile eBay/Google search so if you need to do a search in either eBay or Google it’s right there!

Dual eBay/Google Search

Activity Summary

View all your unshipped items, items awaiting payment, items awaiting feedback and orders from the last 24 hours.


Quick Links

All the useful links you use everyday as a seller, access them right from your SellerTab!


Table Summary

Shows a list of your active listings, sold items, unsold items, eBay messages and recent feedback.


Want to add SellerTab to your browser?Click here to sign up and make it your browser's start page!

We would love to hear if you have any feedback for us or suggestions, so feel free to leave us here a comment!

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