Single App Subscriptions Available for eBay Sellers

Sep 20, 2018

The world of eCommerce is growing steadily and online selling success is more and more accessible to business owners. Over the past 8 years, we’ve provided eBay sellers with tools to maximize business potential. Today, we’re happy to announce new billing plans, making it possible to curate our individual tools to your business needs with single app subscriptions. As some of you might now, 3Dsellers has been the biggest app provider for eBay Apps Center. However, in the upcoming month, eBay will be shutting down their Open Apps Program. Luckily, in January 2018, we’ve launched an all-in-one platform that combines all vital tools for eBay sellers under a single dashboard and the demand was astounding! Sellers show a huge demand for a centralized management platform so we’ve worked hard on upgrading all our tools and adding smart new features. Although having everything in one dashboard is highly valuable for an online business owner, we’ve received many requests for single tool subscriptions and we’re excited to announce that this option is now available! We understand that not all sellers require all our advanced products and different business models require different management. Today, you have an option to choose only the tools YOU NEED and pay accordingly.

What App Subscriptions Are There?


Over the years, eBay has partnered with many 3rd party developers that build apps for eBay sellers because running an eBay business is no piece of cake. Any beginning seller would confirm that it can be an overwhelming amount of work and maintenance to make a profit selling online.


However, for established sellers running an eBay business means even more responsibilities and most importantly, investment. Investment of time, in particular.


This is why we’ve created fully automated tools/apps that increase your sales and business presence overall. Those tools help you manage your business while saving your time - from design to customer care, efficiency is the key.


3Dsellers eBay Selling Management Tools:


2019 April Update:

We've released new tools in the 3Dsellers platform that can also be subscribed to individually.

Now, you can upgrade your 3Dsellers account with either a Management Plan, Marketing Plan, both or by single app subscriptions. Simply go to your billing page and select a plan that fits your business needs the most!

Have questions? Don't worry, we're here to help!Drop a comment below or email us directly at


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