New! Schedule your reminders according to shipping date

Mar 11, 2014

We are happy to announce our latest update in Feedback Reminder!

You will now find in your control panel an option to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date e.g. "14 days after item shipped".

You can still schedule your reminders based on your purchase date, but you will also have the option to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date.

This means that you can time the reminders much more effectively, so that they will arrive after your estimated delivery time.

Important note!

To use this feature you will have to make sure you mark your items in eBay as shipped.

How do I mark an item as shipped?

If you don’t already do that, this is how you can mark your items as shipped in eBay.

1. Login to your My eBay page.

2. Go to: Activity> Selling Manager > Sold > Awaiting Shipment

3. Under the column that is marked with a labeled box you can see that the item wasn't marked as "shipped" yet.

4. Click on the more actions arrow and choose "Mark shipped".

5. You now will see a window with the details of the purchase, click on "confirm status".

6. Now the item will be marked as shipped and will appear under your "Paid & shipped" items.

So if you choose to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date, be sure to mark your items this way once you ship your items.

If you have any feedback for us, or if you have any suggestions for further updates, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below.

Happy Selling!

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