New & Improved "ShareYourItems"

Feb 1, 2012

This app is no longer supported

Hi there,We've added new features to ShareYourItems, the complete social media toolkit for eBay sellers.The app now offers new and improved stats, such as: which items were shared, sharing trends and e-mail stats.In addition, we've added additional e-mails that are sent on your behalf, the seller. These tools include:1. "Offer to share" e-mail:Buyers who purchase items, will receive a customized e-mail offering them to share their purchase on different social networks. Our system will also enable you to promote your featured items in the e-mail and increase sales!2. "Share your feedback" e-mail:Buyers who purchased items from your store and left you a feedback, will get an immediate offer to share their feedback on social networks. Also, treat your buyers right and thank them via this e-mail.This is the time to engage with your customers using these great social media tools.Feel free to contact us @

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