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eBay Good Til Cancelled listings: Here’s why you need to end them automatically

Aaron Fitch
Oct 10, 2019

eBay Good Til Cancelled listings improve eBay SEO, have an Out-Of-Stock feature, and provide sales history that boosts your eBay search rank; not to mention a few other great perks!

In fact, all these benefits of GTC are the reason why eBay made fixed-price listings “Good ‘Til Cancelled” - only in the first place. You could say it’s a push to increase everyone’s sales and profits 😃

GTC may boost your sales, but on the other hand, you may be paying more than you realize or have to. The new sweetness of fixed-price listings can have a bitter after-taste..

As you may know, GTC listings renew every 30 days... 

As a result, if you’ve consumed your free listings limits, you’re going to get charged new listing fees when your items renew. Yes, this includes charges for bold titles, image galleries, second categories, and other marketing enhancements.

The only way to avoid these fees is to delay them with the Out-Of-Stock feature or end the listings yourself. This is typically a long process to accomplish. You’ll need to manually search for your listings on eBay and end them one-by-one in a three-page process. Now, that's a waste of your time!

GTC charges can be especially burdensome if you have items that aren’t selling. These items will be pushed to the bottom of the search results and can become dead-weight and sink into your profits.

Not to mention, keeping holiday and seasonal items listed all year round may help out a collector or super-deal-seeker every once in a while, but most people are not looking to have Christmas in July. Keeping these items listed can cost you.

Let’s not forget about promotional sales. If you set your “1-week-only sale!” email-blast items as “Fixed-Price,” you’ll have to find and end each of them at the end of your sale.

Luckily, we can help fix that!

We listen to your requests and the needs of eBay sellers everywhere. So, we are very happy to announce our newest tool:

3Dsellers eBay Good Til Cancelled Automation

Give it a try!

You can now use 3Dsellers to automatically end your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings! Create rules that target any type of item you want GTC Automation to end:

  • Target items based on watchers, sales, the title of the listing, country of listing, category and more.
  • Set the time you want to wait before ending an item that matches your criteria. Or for your holiday and sales items, you can choose a specific date.
  • You can even automatically re-list your items to give them a second life as a “New Listing” in eBay’s search results!

Not to mention, for quick viewing, a live preview of all the listings that are being targeted by GTC Automation is generated any time you want.

You’re also free to create as many rules as you need to manage your listings.

Our simple GTC solution is easy flying!

In comparison to the hard-boned, technical-looking structure of similar applications, our GTC Automation tool is super easy to navigate for any skill-level and will have you managing your GTC listings on auto-pilot in just a couple of short minutes.

If you would like to view just how easy the set-up process is:

Click here to read an example rule setup!

That's it!

Start ending your eBay Good Til Cancelled listings automatically, save time and avoid double fees!

About the Author

Aaron Fitch

Aaron is a 3Dsellers teammate, veteran eBay seller, website developer, media producer, and affiliate marketer, living in Texas, USA.

Fun fact: Aaron once sung the 90's hit song, "Closing Time" to police as they escorted him out of a mall for performing without a permit.

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