How to Design Your eBay Store?

Jan 7, 2018

7 Tips for Designing a Successful eBay Store

Stores in the physical world use colors, products display, aisle width and other elements to create an atmosphere. These elements together with pricing and the staff’s service form the customer experience. While people are aware of how physical store differ from one another, they are often less aware of what makes an eBay store unique or successful.For all of the eBay sellers out there we gathered seven tips of what makes an eBay store successful.1: The design must matchyour Story: When designing your eBay store, you need to make sure that there is consistency between your story and your to (for more about Your Story click here). This is an absolute must. Think about two businesses selling chocolate chip cookies. The first shop is of a stay-at-home-mom-one-woman's-enterprise, and the other is a gluten-free fashionable bakery. Their store design should reflect these differences. Don’t forget to place your best-sellers or most exciting items on top. This way, buyers will be intrigued and spend more time at your store.

Brand color palette2: Choose the right colors: Colors can be associated with seasons, feelings, locations and more. Many gadget shops choose ‘cold’ and metallic colors such as grey and black to keep a clean and sophisticated appearance. Shops for seasonal decorations are more likely to give their shop a more festive and colorful look. Fashion shops tend to use on 2 or 3 colors as their main colors while adding extra colors or design features to match the season. You can get some ideas from the famous branding color palette, that might give you an indication of how big brands matched their stories with specific colors.3. Clear photos and images: Don’t underestimate the visuals. The mind processes pictures much faster than texts, so in the initial browsing process, the images are essential for making your buyer stay in the store. There is another central issue concerning images; unclear pictures make you look less trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients. The last thing you want to do is to harm your credibility as a professional seller. One more thing, please try to include one item per spot unless we are talking about a set of products. Both the following images were listed on the same page at the same time.The image on the right is of cookware set with some of its 12 items enlarged. The image on the left is not as clear. Although I have seen this device many times before, I had to look for the description in order to understand what it is. It would had been advisable to choose only one or two images out of the 6 pictures appearing in this one square.

The image on the right is not very clear since it is too small4. Description and other texts - most sellers agree that using the right text for your listing is crucial because this is the way buyers find you. However, there’s much more for your texts than being found on eBay searches. By using the right words, your product can become more desirable in the eyes of the buyer. Your texts need to find a right balance between the technical and the valuable meaning. That means that you should describe your product accurately while emphasizing its benefits. Think about the following example; I was looking for new headphones to use on my evening workout, the headphones durability and sound-cancellation in addition to the price were the key features I considered. I saw the same headphones in two different stores. One stated in the description the high standard of sound quality and the brand strength while giving way to technical specifications. The other emphasized the top sound-canceling effects. The description mentioned that many people use these headphones while working out or in public transport. They also mentioned apps that allow you to use an even better sound quality etc. I was reading texts describing the same product, and yet it felt like I was reading about two separate products that are used for completely different purposes. So take time to write a great description, if you like to find more about writing the best product description click here.5. Classify your categories and subcategories and then double check: It might sound obvious to everyone, but I see it quite often. Not too long ago I found a BBQ after I selected the Winter Clothing category. This is a unique example but what I do see a lot is sellers not sub-categorizing enough. There are two popular mistakes in categorizing: a. Categorizing the same items with very different style and pricing. b. Dividing items into very generic categories. Think about the Women Clothing category. If one seller has only five items, it’s fine. But if a seller has hundreds or thousands of items they need to use the sub-categories.6. Use as many filters and sorting options as possible. This part divides into two, product and shipping filters. Most eBay buyers have some idea of the items they are looking for, and they filter results by size, brand, color, etc. make sure your products are filtered, that will mean that the buyers who reach your store will find a product that is of some use for them. Shipping, this issue cannot be stressed enough. In many cases, the shipping cost is the reason a buyer decided to buy from one seller and not the other. Don’t just automate the shipping costs, see what states or countries you can offer free shipping and do it! Always keep in mind that people are using these filters and sorting options.

7. Don’t forget to check the data and revise your design. When you see that some products and categories are most successful than others, bring them to the front.

Tips Recap:

  1. The design must match your story
  2. Choose the right color scheme
  3. Clear photos and Images
  4. Write great descriptions!
  5. Classify categories and sub-categories
  6. Use as many filters as possible
  7. Revise your listings and page

That’s it, I hope that you found it helpful. Can’t decide on what freebie to give your customers, tell us about it, we promise to reply. Add any thoughts, questions or requests to the comments below.

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