Check out Feedback Reminder’s new control panel!

Jun 2, 2014

We are happy to announce the release of our new Feedback Reminder control panel!In creating the new control panel we focused on creating a user-friendly & easy-to-use control panel with which users can easily set up their feedback reminders.We also added some new features to the control panel, such as a dashboard where you can track all the latest reminders that were sent.Besides that, we’ve enhanced our “Blacklist” feature so that now you can more easily add and remove buyers from your blacklist.

  • Feedback Reminder's dashboard
  • In your new dashboard you will find at the top a "items awaiting feedback" and "reminders sent" counter and also a list of the last 10 reminders that were sent.
  • Settings Tab
  • Change you reminders' settings with ease in your new settings tab!
  • Message Tab
  • Easily choose and edit your reminder's message in your new Message tab.
  • Blacklist Tab
  • Now you can easily add and remove buyers from your feedback blacklist!

Also, we recently added an option to schedule your reminders according to shipping date, this way you can make sure your reminders will be sent after the item arrives.So this gives you a really good reason to check out your new feedback reminder control panel, which you can do by logging here into our account.We are really looking forward to hearing your inputs regarding our latest update, so feel free to leave your suggestions here in the comments area!

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