App Spotlight: eBay Store Designer

May 4, 2014

Have you ever wanted to design your eBay store, but didn’t want to pay the high costs associated with getting a custom eBay store design? Our Store Designer app was developed to address exactly this issue.

When you open your own eBay store is very natural that you will want a professional design for it, after all it’s a shame to have an eBay storefront and not to make the most out of it. But with the added expense of having an eBay store, it makes sense that you won’t be thrilled to go ahead and pay hundreds of dollars for a custom eBay store design. Especially if you are just trying out the idea of having an eBay store and are not yet committed to this.

How does our eBay Store Designer address this?

Store Designer is a ready-to-use, cost-effective & commitment-free solution for designing your eBay store. With it, you will be able to not only choose a design template for your eBay store, but also to easily customize your store's design.

Here are Store Designer’s key benefits:

Read-to-use: Within seconds your new eBay store design will be live!

Professional design templates: Choose from our selection of professional eBay store templates!

Cost effective: For only $7.99 a month you can have a professional design for your eBay store!

Custom features: Add a custom logo & header, or choose one from our collection!

Commitment free: Your store Designer subscription is on a monthly basis, no commitment is required and you can cancel at any time!

How Does It Work?

  • Signup
  • Signup to Store Designer through our site, you will be redirected to eBay to link your account.
  • Setup
  • Choose in your Store Designer control panel a template for your store!
  • Success!
  • Immediately your new store design will show on eBay!

Preview Your eBay Store!

Want to see how your store will look with one of our eBay store design templates? enter your eBay user ID below to see a preview!

eBay UsernamePreview Store

Want to give it a try?Try out your new eBay store design with our 7-day FREE trial!Have any questions? feel free to leave a comment below!

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