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Mar 31, 2013

Hi everyone!Recently, our users have been asking us about how to integrate eBay into their Facebook accounts, since what better way is there than to advertise your merchandise on the #1 most populated and used social media site in the world (580 million users DAILY!)?Well, we have the answer for you: Social Store!Our new app allows you to smoothly integrate your eBay store into your Facebook page with absolutely no hassle. Just one click and Facebook users from all over the world can access your eBay listings through your page. Not only is it an eBay listings page on your Facebook page, but with our numerous designs and options, you can customize it to fit who you are!Here are some examples of our clients who have started using Social Store:Best Sports Direct Facebook Page

Jubliee Favors

Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Gentlemen's Clothing

Javda Jewelry

Seacoast Biker Gear Facebook Page

By this point we're guessing you might want to start a Social Store of your own! Click here to get started, or watch our easy how-to tutorial below:

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We love displaying good-looking stores on our Facebook page, so give us a shout-out when you've created your Social Store!If you have any questions, we're always here for you at luck,The 3Dsellers team

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