Add Like & Share Buttons to your eBay listings

Feb 24, 2011

A new application was released lately by 3Dsellers:"Share Your Items" adds a "Social Toolbar" to your active eBay listings.

Here is an example of the "Share Your Items" buttons added to an eBay item:

ShareYourItems in action

Share Your Items in action

"Share Your Items" adds the following share buttons: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious and the "Facebook Like Button".As the buttons are added to your listings (this is done automatically by the app), buyers or visitors browsing your itemscan share them with their friends or colleagues using these buttons.Here is an example:


  • The buttons are added automatically to all existing listings within a few hours (depending on the total amount of active items you have).
  • Every new item you list / re-list will be updated with the share buttons immediately.
  • You can choose one of the 4 skins currently avaliable to customize your buttons' appearance.
  • You can access the application any time to see statistics showing how many people clicked and shared.
ShareYourItems Skins
  • "Share Your Items" skins
ShareYourItems Stats
  • "Share Your Items" stats

Social networking has evolved and is growing rapidly, providing a huge potential for businesses to achieve online marketing in a different manner, cheaply and effectively. Increase your sales dramatically with this cool app.You can subscribe to the application through "eBay's App Center".

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