Big News! 3Dsellers Listing Designer Integrated with ShopMaster!

Jul 30, 2018

The success of your eCommerce business highly relies on smart management, and automated tools can make a world of a difference. This is why we’ve integrated with Shopmaster, who offers an auto restock of eBay listings, management of multiple eBay accounts and product sourcing from suppliers and more.

With Shopmaster, eBay sellers have an opportunity to sell on multiple channels while managing them under one dashboard. Similarly to 3Dsellers, Shopmaster combines management features that automate the selling process to provide a complete solution for online sellers.

3Dsellers integrated with Shopmaster to bring new opportunities to all eBay businesses also sourcing products from AliExpress, 1688, Alibaba, taobao, Amazon, Banggood, Chinavasion, Chinabrands, to sell on Shopify, and WooCommerce. Anyone interested in multichannel dropshipping solutions, using Shopmaster can now use 3Dsellers listing templates to further elevate sales!

Make sure your eBay listings perform their best!

3Dsellers’ integration with ShopMaster creates growth opportunities for online sellers and we are excited to offer listing templates that drive sales.

It is isn’t easy to make your product stand out from all others on eBay but 3Dsellers Listing Designer allows you to showcase your products with a modern and professional design.

Your new eBay listing templates include:

  • Powerful cross-promotional categories
  • Pre Designed header with an option to upload custom made designs
  • Products navigation menu
  • Customizable policy area with an option to include appropriate icons
  • Banner slider, which can be used for buyer testimonials or discount promotions
  • Free library of over 200,000 high-quality images
  • And more!

Additionally, we offer all ShopMaster users vital features that optimize your listings for the best performance:

  • Bulk design all listings in 1 click
  • Apply designs by category and to all future listings
  • Customize sections to show/hide as well as the overall theme
  • Automatic mobile optimization
  • Automatic update as per eBay’s listing policy changes

Selling on eBay and growing your eBay business with ShopMaster

The main benefit of using Shopmaster is the ability of product sourcing and rapid listing to multiple eBay stores. This means you can upload your listing from either of  29 suppliers, including AliExpress, Amazon, Banggood, and Chinabrands directly onto eBay and grow your product exposure.

More stores = more sales!

The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage all your stores in one place and make sure all your prices and orders’ status are synced. You will also have a complete overview of your sales and orders statistics across all channels.

Applying 3Dsellers Listing Designer to this complete multichannel solution will allow you to import listings from a different channel and present them effectively on eBay! Visit this quick guide and learn how to implement your 3Dsellers templates to your ShopMaster listings.

We strive to give you opportunities to sell online like a Pro so we’re happy to offer all ShopMaster users 20% discount on our Pro Plan, which unlocks an unlimited amount of listing designs. Simply use code SHOPMASTER in your billing page.

Using ShopMaster? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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