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EasyChannel CEO, Amit Fidelman started EasyChannel as a complete solution to manage multiple eCommerce marketplaces.  From there, the platform quickly grew into a valued business asset for his entire team.

After merging all of his marketplaces so he could provide customer service from one place, the next must-have was to be able to manage orders all from the vey same dashboard he was using to communicate and build relationships with customers.

After bringing together every marketplace's customer support and order management, the enhanced productivity ignited an incredible wave of growth.

Once they were living the benefit of EasyChannel's capabilities, Amit and his team could not keep this software to themselves. So, Amit has released the software that expedited his own company's growth and made it available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

3Dsellers CEO, Amit Fidelman's signature card. Yours sincerely, Amit Fidelman.
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Here at 3Dsellers we have 4 main principals that guide our way:


We are continuously on the cutting edge of this ever changing industry. We drive cultural change by empowering eCommerce businesses to offer exceptional service and deliver quick solutions for the ever changing needs of their customers.


Protecting your information is one of our top priorities. We have top-notch security measures in place which reduces risks and keeps your data safe within our system.

Team Work

Our industry requires world-class expertise and experience to ensure the best possible results. That's why we've assembled this amazing team of industry experts. As a team, we create an environment conducive to continual education and success for our clients.  


We invest heavily in our "can do" mentality, and believe in being professional in all aspects of our business. We assist clients with exploring the complex and consistently evolving e-commerce industry to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success for their businesses.

Our Team Members

The Amazing Team Behind 3Dsellers

Great service starts with great people.
That's what we have here at 3Dsellers, kind, talented and hard working people that are here to provide the best solutions for our clients.

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3Dsellers COO & Co-Founder, Avi Assa

Amit Fidelman

3Dsellers COO & Co-Founder, Avi Assa

Avi Assa

COO & Co-Founder
3Dsellers VP Product, Marisa Martins

Marisa Martins

VP Product
3Dsellers Head Of Development, Sergey Miralov

Sergey Miralov

Head Of Development
3Dsellers Software Development, Leonid Molsky

Leonid Molsky

Software Development
3Dsellers Founder and Product Developer, Alex Flom

Alex Flom

3Dsellers Marketing Manager, Aaron Fitch

Aaron Fitch

Marketing Manager
3Dsellers Sales & Support, Karol Santiago

Karol Santiago

Sales & Support
3Dsellers Content Creation, Michal Amy

Michal Amy

Content Creation
3Dsellers Customer Support, Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams

Customer Support