With great pleasure, we happily announce the latest (and greatest) update to 3Dsellers:

Every eBay seller understands the importance of being able to rapidly list items, consult customers, and handle orders & cases quickly. The heavy workload of running an eBay business is precisely why 3Dsellers has been praised as the most valuable source of all eBay tools every seller needs.
Auctiva and 3Dsellers platform websites side by side
All images on this page from Auctiva & 3Dsellers have been acquired from their platforms and websites.
Over the years, we have continually listened to your requests and modified our platform to suit the needs of all eBay sellers & current market demands. And now, we are ecstatic to dive into this new era by releasing our updated platform as an official eBay partner.

Our team has revamped the 3Dsellers platform to provide you and your team an exceptionally improved workflow with a fresh, highly organized workspace, new features, updated tool names, and stability improvements.

Below, we'll review many of the changes and improvements we have made.

If you're new to 3Dsellers, what great timing! If you've been using our platform for a while, we welcome you to a better workplace for you and your team.

New Navigation Menu:

With your work in mind, we have made a few exciting changes to the left navigation menu.

Our team has simplified your workflow by implementing minimalist labels of your eBay apps (i.e. renamed some of the tools). This way, you won't have to remember their names, just what they do.

If you’ve been using the 3Dsellers platform for a while, you’re probably accustomed to navigating your eBay tools with this menu; but we’re confident these changes will help you throughout your workday.

Menu Updates:

New Tools:

No Changes:

After rigorously testing the flow of this new navigation throughout a normal work day, we’ve found it to dramatically increase efficiency and save time & effort when finding needed features and tools. We know you will enjoy this new menu as much as we do!

New Dashboard:

Welcome to your (deluxe) eBay Seller Hub dashboard alternative. As soon as you log in, you and your team are greeted with a plethora of insights into your sales and account data directly from the eBay Analytics API.

New Tool - Offers:

Providing offers to your watchers (and buyers that have an item in their cart for 5+ days) is a very powerful strategy to increase sales. Buyers are understanding that if they watch items, they may get a discount. In contrast, receiving offers from buyers is great if it’s at the right price.

This has inspired many sellers to include an offer amount in their profit margins. (Click here to view eBay’s minimum offer amounts)
The Offers technique is a proven way to increase sales. But the hurdle for most sellers is the time it takes to manage offers.

With 3Dsellers, you can finally achieve the same results as the eBay whales without hiring a team or wasting hours of your day.

New Design & More

Not only have we added more features and organized your workspace, we've included solid updates that provide even better stability for your 3Dsellers eBay apps.

In addition, we've simplified the top navigation of each tool to keep your work more focused and on point. The new design has been professionally crafted by our leading business-oriented designers with a heart for ecommerce and workflows.

Our team has been looking forward to providing you with your new eBay software since its inception, and for this great day, we'd like to offer you 10% off every purchase and subscription on monthly plans for 6 months. Use code: 3DCELEBRATE on the pricing page and enjoy the new & improved 3Dsellers with our team.

We value your selling power and would love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback!

Welcome to a brand new era of 3Dsellers.

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